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A/N's note: words in italic are flashbacks of Y/N's room and simple ones are the events taking place in Taehyung's Mansion.
The italic text at the end, also underlined is his thoughts from the flashforward. (Remember, this whole fanfiction is a flashback :p )


Taehyung's POV

"Kim Taehyung!" She yelled and I jumped back to the reality. "What were you thinking? I was standing here for so long with this glass of water." She said and handed me the glass.

It was then that I noticed that my hand was sweaty and I feared that the glass would slip out of the palm.

"Who is Jungkook?" She asked again. "N-none of your b-business." I stuttered. "Yeah right." She said and looked down at her feet as she got seated. "None of my business." She muttered under her breath.

Should I have told her about my past, she wouldn't have even talked to me as she did.

"Y/N, do you know Hyuna?" "Umm...yes." she replied in a gloomy tone. "Hyuna as the one in our class, right?" I nodded. "That Sohyun is her friend." She said, making me angry.

Hyuna had left me alone when I needed her, just like Eomma. Her friend, Sohyun denied to leave me alone in peace. And I hated both of them.

I got up from the bed and headed towards the ground floor, towards the couch where she was sitting, fingers rubbing her temple, elbow placed on the coffee table.

"You have a friend named Sohyun?" She quickly looked up. "Y-yes Opp-ppa." She stuttered. "Just do me a favour, like you and your father had been doing till now." I said sarcastically, "and keep her away from me or my friends."

"Your friends? Y/N? Or Jimin?" She asked.

"Is Hyuna your friend?" I asked her. "No.....or maybe. I don't know." She was confused about her feelings. "And Sohyun?" I looked at her face, that was still looking down.

"Sohyun is....she is my bully." She said, frowning and looked at her feet as she swung it to and fro.

"Both." I said and went to my bedroom again.

Sitting on the bed, I looked down at my flip flops.

"Bully??? What do you mean??? Has she done anything???" "It's fine. I can take care of myself." She calmed me down.

"And if you can't handle her, just ask me. I will be your superman." I said, stretching out my arm and imitating superheroes.

She gave an even gloomier look at my words. "Did I say something wrong?" "No, it's....fine." she said, pausing.

"I think I should go now." She nodded. "Your Mother would be worried." I nodded, hiding the ugly truth. Somewhere in my heart, I wished that this was the truth.

"But how will you find your house?" She asked, suddenly concerned. "I don't know." I giggled, walking out of the room.

She followed me and we walked upto the entrance gate together. I was about to leave when I suddenly turned around, which she wasn't at all expecting, making her jump back a little.

"Y/N, will you meet me at the canteen tomorrow?" Seconds passed. "I am expecting a reply." She just stood frozen, her face red as if all the blood of her body had rushed to her face.

"Y/N..." "What?" "You are blushing." I said. "Yes." She replied and opened the gate for me. I got out of the gates. "Y/N?" I said, looking in her eyes. "Yes?" She replied. "Was that a yes for the canteen part, or the blushing part?" "B-both." She closed the gates, leaving me all alone outside.

Canteen it is. Tomorrow. I giggled.

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