♡A Tinge Of Jealousy♡

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You sighed and giggled as Michael kissed your neck, moving to your collarbone. You had your arms wrapped around his neck, and as your bodies moved together - you were in complete bliss.

After a moment, a knock came at the bedroom door - making Michael widen his eyes. He got off of you as the bedroom door opened to reveal Frank. When he saw the two of you, he froze before bursting into laughter.

You and Michael blushed madly before Frank held his hand out.

"Sorry to disturb, but Michael has a meeting today, and he is thirty minutes late.

"Shit," Michael mumbled under his breath as he looked at Frank. "I'll be down in ten minutes,"

Frank nodded before shutting the door.

"Well," Michael winked at you. "We'll have to continue this later,"


After Michael had left for the meeting, which was in the living room, you got dressed and made your way down to join him. You readjusted your coat as you descended the staircase.

Once you arrived at the living room, several of the men smiled at you, and Michael did the same. You were just about to walk over to your husband before your eyes landed on a familiar face.

Kenneth, your best friend from high school.

"Kenneth?" you widened your eyes. The man stood up, breaking into a wide grin. You ran over to him and threw your arms around him as he laughed, making everybody else laugh as well.

"(Y/N)!" he cheered. "God, it's been so long!"

"It has!" you giggled as you pulled away. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I work for your husband now," he grinned. You turned your head too look at Michael, only to see him stand up and walk toward the staircase.

He had a serious look on his face, and as he ascended the staircase - everyone was left in shock. You sighed and apologized.

"Sorry," you grimaced at everyone before making your way toward the staircase as well. "I'll go and talk to him,"

You quickly ran up the staircase, making your way to the bedroom. When you saw him sitting at the edge of the bed, you walked over to him after shutting the door.

"Michael?" you made your way toward him. He stayed quiet. "Michael?"

"Do you want to be with Kenneth?" he suddenly asked you, turning his head to look at you with sad eyes. "Do you want him to be your boyfriend?"

"What?!" you laughed. "That's absurd! He's just a friend!" you knelt down in front of Michael, bringing your hand to caress his face. "Michael...are you jealous?" you raised an eyebrow.

"A little bit," he admitted, making you giggle.

"Michael, I love you - and only you. I could never love anyone else the way that I love you. Besides, we're married - we're a team," you kissed his cheek.

Several minutes passed before you watched your husband break into a small smile.

"I'm sorry...I just..I'm insecure," he shrugged. "And I'm so lucky to have you,"

"I'll always be here. I'm never going to leave. We'll always be you and me - forever and for always," you whispered.

Forever and always indeed.

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