Chapter 01

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Wow... An update... after a couple of months... but more like years... since my other book was a repost...

There is no excuse except writing on a free website isn't the most productive thing to do when I have to work and study.

For those who still know I exist... wow, thank you very much. You deserve a bit of something that you probably weren't expecting. A new story... with a short chapter... unedited... I'm sorry.


Chapter 1

I was just your average university graduate tryna make an extra buck with part-time jobs I didn't hate nor care for. Gotta pay the rent somehow though.

I have an average face, average body, not that I lack self-esteem I'm just self-aware. I can proudly say I love anime (in the comfort of my own mind), manga and most things in the minority side of Japanese culture I'm only a third a part of, the rest is just plain English. Still, all about that introverted life, you know?

So how... How the hell am I in a luxury high rise apartment halfway across the world trying to fend off my virgin butt from a not even near the definition of a stereotypical Asian, Adonis!?! WTF???

"Jun..." My name on this guys lips seemed to sound so good you could practically feel a toothache from how sweet it sounded.

His predatory gaze gave me the shivers as if he was looking at someone completely owned by him when this was the first time we had bloody met! The first bloody meeting!

Shit! This was fucking scary and making me angry at the same time. How dare he look at me like that! Was he my ex? No! Because I've never even had a boyfriend even though I'm this old. Was he a one-night stand partner I had in the past? Did you not read above where I said I have a Virgin butt? My manly junk is also virgin too dammit!

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment."

If I thought his serious gaze looked frightening, this guy's slight smile as he stared at me was truly terrifying. He just didn't look like the type to do such a thing so when I saw it, alarm bells just kept going off inside my head. Who was I kidding? They went off a long time ago as soon as I was bloody kidnapped. The bells were so shrilling only dogs could probably hear their frequency now.

I wanted to scream at him. Why! Why am I here! How the hell did you even smuggle an entire human across the ocean?? Who the hell are you?!? But fear is real... and I'm not brave enough to voice these questions I have in my heart.

He made a move as if he was about to touch me and I flinched.

So what if he was super handsome and I wasn't opposed to males or females? This situation was still scary and if he went any further he would probably be in my damn nightmares!

He paused, noticing my distress and stopped his actions but that terrifying smile still lay at the edge of his lips.

"Jun..." His voice tried to sound indulging as if pampering his temperamental boyfriend. "What should I do to get you to calm down... should I... treat you like a queen?"

Maybe you should have tried to get to know me the normal way and bloody introduce yourself I internally criticized. Sure I might have been shy at first but look at your freaken good looks. Any guy or girl would have loved you to pay them attention including myself but now, I can only think of you as some creep who kidnapped me.

After I internally abused him for what felt like a couple of minutes I began to digest what he asked me. This left me feeling immensely confused. Treat me like a queen? What the hell? Do I look like someone who would be bought over if you were extra nice to me?! I'm not the kinda guy who would be bought over by things because if I was then I would have already jumped into the arms of-

I paused that thought looking at this guy more critically. My comprehension of what was in front of me was fragmented because of the turbulent emotions I was feeling. All I could think about when I got here was danger, luxury high rise, not my country, handsome, scary, off the scales terrifying and so on.

An idea popped into my head but I wanted to dismiss it right away. How can he be.... I questioned myself, remembering the events that unfolded the past year. He's so young... still older than me it looks like but...

Scrutinizing this devilish person who patiently waited for me to answer him, my eyes began to narrow as I finally found my voice.

"You are... SleeplessTycoon?"

As soon as I spoke his gaze melted as if his sweetheart had just professed his undying love he had waited for a thousand years to hear.

He looked like he couldn't hold back anymore and was about to embrace me.

That was until a pillow came flying at his face.

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