Day Three

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-Hum? Oh claro! Arthur estará viviendo conmigo una semana, ¡¿sabías que sabe cocinar postres?! Son muy ricos- The spanish man was talking to his brother Jão or Portugal, through his mobile.

Arthur never seemed to worry about it, he was actually curious, but when he heard his name being mentioned, he got a tad worried.

He couldn't understand him, and that made him anxious, at least he wasn't cuban, he wouldn't understand his accent, or at least he wasn't chilean, he wouldn't catch up with his speed, and THANKS GOD HE WASN'T MEXICAN, they sweared too much and sometimes in a "good way" and it was too confusing.

However, the richness of the spanish language made him anxious, but Toño didn't seem to notice it.


Day: 3
Prompt: #9

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