C H A P T E R 6

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Chandelier - Sia

C H A P T E R 6



The pack house was not what I expected. Instead of looking like a hotel, it resembled a castle. My jaw was on the floor of the car as I stared at it the castle with wide eyes. I couldn't quite comprehend how big it was or how picturesque it looked, surrounded by the forest. From my view in the car, I can see people entering and exiting the two large doors. Some follow a forest path leading to god knows where. Others get into cars and drive off down the road ahead of our parked car. 

"You ready?" Sky asks beside me. I turn my attention back to her and nod. 

As soon as my foot is planted on the cobbled ground, everyone's focus goes on me. Several pairs of eyes stare at me in confusion. A few become alert and stand, ready to attack if need be. A few give me harsh glares. Those are the looks I flinch at. 

"Don't worry about them. Your new and they're protective--they don't know who you are yet." Sky assures, linking her arm with mine. At the action, a few people stop glaring and walk away and others frown. Sky is somebody well known here, I can tell that much by how people stare at her so for her to be seen with me is strange. "Anyways, welcome to the Shadow Moon Pack house!" 

Sky leads me up the stairs to the two front, wooden doors. 

"It's so..." I trail off, not knowing how to describe how the pack house is. An eccentric vibe radiates off it, joined with something homely--familiar. 

"Yeah, I know." Sky interjects. "I'm going to show you to your room so you can get some rest and then later, I'll give you the house tour." 

I don't bother to argue because I do feel tired. All of the events that have happened so far today have been too much--overwhelming. I need time to process everything--starting with the fact werewolves probably exist. Sure, I still have an inkling of doubt but that's nothing compared to how much I believe Sky. I just can't picture her lying about everything she said. 

Sky walks down the foyer, passing a door half open, letting me have a quick peek of a large dining hall. On the other side of the hall, another door is open but barely. Loud shouts erupt from that room, along with laughter and giggles.

We head up the stairs, passing pictures on the walls. It's when we start to walk the third flight of stairs that I stop for a breath. I knew this place was big and tall but I never realized I'd have to climb so many stairs. Is my room on the top floor or something? 

"It's not much further," Sky tells me, smiling. It's easy for her to say, she looks like she runs five miles before breakfast. 

"Why," I pant, "are there so many," I stop to catch my breath again, "stairs."

Sky glances over her shoulder and shrugs, "blame the designer." 

Oh, I am.

When we reach the fourth floor, I look up and realize there aren't any more stairs. A sigh of relief escapes my lips and I thank the lord for this being the last floor. 

"Do you guys not have a lift?" I ask, the thought just occurring to me. 

Sky turns to face me and presses her lips together, "we do but it's currently out of order." 

How convenient.

The top floor is more secluded than the others. It only has a few rooms compared to the others that had lots of corridors. Unlike the other walls here, none of these walls are covered with pictures. It makes me frown and wonder why not. 

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