Chapter 5: One Week, Three Meetings

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Michael noticed our confused face and laughs before he could explain anything somebody knocks at the door.

"Sir, may I come in? It is time for a meeting to start" A man came inside. 

"Thank you, Eric,"  Nicolas says.

Nicholas says while rubbing his temples " How is she doing? Everything under control?"

"No one is hurt, so that's good but she is not in a good mood because reports got delayed and just now she found Jason Clark is going to be there. Other than that everything is in control" he said Jason's name with much hatred.

"This is going to be interesting," Nicolas mumbled.

As we all head towards the meeting room. 

Eric asks as we sat in our seats "You are Nathan Knight? " I nod, he continues "I am Eric Smith." 

"I am Miles Parker." Miles introduces himself.

A girl came to Eric and said "Keep your camera ready" Eric replies "I am fully prepared." Then she quickly walks out of the room.

Miles ask" What was that about?" Eric answers smirking "Just wait and watch."

Miles turns his head to me " I think we will enjoy."

Nicolas sat opposite side of the table and Michael sat next to him. Miles was sitting beside me and Eric was on his left side.

A familiar looking girl entered and sat next to Eric.

"Man, she is the girl from the club," Miles whispers in my ear. Yeah, now I remember she called me an asshole.

Then Abigail came inside and connected her laptop to the projector, she was looking... different. She was wearing a black pencil skirt and peach color shirt, her hair was tied in a ponytail, she looks all business. 

"Good afternoon everyone." She speaks in a confident voice. " I am going to start with the presentation. Well as we all know last year we have manufactured a new mobile set. But, before launching it in the market we put it on the test use. Today, I received the feedback report but before I further discuss anything I would like you to show the presentation."

She started the PowerPoint presentation which showed the statistics and surveys. She sits on my right then she sees me and she looks bit surprised. 

"Miss.Prescott" I smirk

"Mr.Knight." She gives me a small smile.

I can feel Miles is shocked, he leans and asks her, " Are you, Abigail?" She nods then focuses back on the presentation.

Miles mummers " It is true she is married to an asshole." He did want me to hear it but I still heard.

Abigail stands up and walks to the center "Ok everyone, as you have seen the feedback which we got is really good. But, still there are some minor issues which need to be fixed, then we will be ready to launch it into the market. But we have received some complaints regarding the size of the set."

" In my opinion set size should average, so it can be easily carried around. Unlike phablets."

It's actually a good suggestion as the target audience is teenagers. Big size smartphone will not be convenient to carry around.

"Abigail" We all look at a man who is sitting in the last seat.

Abigail folds her arm and raises an eyebrow.

"I think my size can fulfill all your requirements," He says with a conceited smile after a pause he adds " My suggested size...for smartphone set, you know what I mean Abigail".

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