Flash #1 Neat Freak

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Worst Night Ever

A horrified shriek escaped my lips. Now, waking up with no reflection, no pulse and sharp teeth was... life ruining. The minute-long scream I'd released then was nothing compared to the screech I made now. Nick covered his ears and turned with red eyes burning angrily at me.

"Now what?" he asked.

"You want me to sleep... there?"

I pointed a finger towards the coffin he'd opened up for me. We were in a crypt, his crypt to be exact, and he'd brought me to these grimy coffins. Seriously grimy. There were cobwebs all over it. And if that wasn't bad enough, when he opened it up there was soil in the coffin.

"Get that filth out of there!" I yelled at him and he rolled his eyes.

"This is how we sleep," he said as if it should have been obvious to me. "We're vampires. We need coffins and earth."

"But my clothes," I whined, gesturing down to my dress. I'd been wearing red a lot recently, hoping the power colour would help me bring my confidence up at work, get me noticed a bit more and gain that promotion to partner...

I was never going to make partner now...

This was exactly why I said no to dates with guys I didn't know through friends or colleagues.

"Oh no," I heard Nick groan as I began crying, making wailing sounds for words as I pointed between the coffin and my dress constantly. "What... what are you doing? Can you stop doing that with your face?"

"I'm upset!" I bunched my fists up. "We were on a date and you turned me into a vampire. Now, you want me to sleep in dirt and ruin my dress - I was going to make partner with this dress!"

"Some vampire was bound to pick you off wearing red. Be glad I saw potential in you."

I growled, wiping my eyes. "Did I have a sign around my neck that said, 'please bite me'?"

"You've ruined your dress anyway with your first feed," Nick said. An amused grin played on his lips and he chuckled at me. "You're a messy eater."

I glanced down at my dress. It might have been red but the blood from my first kill was now stained down my front and had darkened against the bright fabric. No amount of antibacterial gel could help me get the stains off my arms and hands.

"Just learn to deal with it," he said.

With a huff, I picked out my Chanel No 5 and started to spray myself. I sprayed Nick as well who hissed at me.

"What the hell?"

"I smell like a corpse and so do you. Starting tomorrow night, we're sorting this pigsty out –."

"Hey, this is my home!"

"Nick, being undead is no excuse to be messy. I hope you have some disinfectant because we have a lot of cleaning to do." I raised an eyebrow. "Learn to deal with it."

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A/N: So, @WattVampires are hosting a fangtastic (pun sucks, I know =P) month of flash fiction vampire challenges.  Each individual entries are between 400 and 500 words.  This is challenge 1 of 4.

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