That kiss though, it changed something in me.

                Unfortunately, I slept fitfully that night. Every time I drifted off I dreamed of a place where Nick and I were together. Oddly enough, it wasn’t like we were sitting in a field with soft grass and blooming flowers while golden sunlight poured over us. My dreams mainly consisted of us doing normal things couples would do. In one of them we were walking around the mall, hand in hand, and chatting while occasionally letting loose a few laughs. In another fantasy we were at school with the rest of our friends goofing off and being as relaxed and carefree as possible. Like I said, my dreams were weird.

                And unrealistic.

                I got ready for school the next morning with an annoying pang in my chest as the dreams kept fluttering through my mind. Stop it Libby! It’s not going to happen. Under all the longing was confusion and uncertainty. Sure, I’d always found him interesting and of course unbelievably good looking, but never before did I crave his touch. I certainly hadn’t been this crazy about him yesterday morning and yet now, after our kiss, he consumed my thoughts. It was annoying to say the least.

                “Mom left early again.” Wes informed me when I finally made it downstairs.

                “And that’s surprising to you?” I asked. Wes looked at me for a minute with hesitation before I remembered that he hasn’t been here the last five years so he wouldn’t know her usual morning skip out routine. “Oh, that’s right. Well in case you haven’t gathered it yet, she’s never here in the mornings.”

                “I see.” Wes murmured, putting his chin on his hand as his expression turned thoughtful. “And that doesn’t bug you?”

                “Doesn’t really matter.” I chuckled to myself. Wes looked at me, un-amused, and waited for a more serious response. “If you must know, it used to. But I’m over it. I’m a big girl now and I’ve practically been living by myself for a while so it doesn’t really matter to me if she’s here in the morning or not.”

                “Don’t you ever get lonely?” He asked quietly but seriously.


                “I have to get to school.” I avoided his question and thanked the universe when I heard Dustin’s car pull up outside.

                “Are you busy after school today?” Wes asked, stopping my escape.

                “Actually, yeah. I’m going out with some friends.” I couldn’t help but smile at my statement. It still felt odd to say that I had friends.

                “What about tomorrow?” Wes asked hopefully.

                “I’m free.” I said slowly, suspicious of his intentions.

                “Good because we have some shopping to do.” I raised my eyebrow. I wasn’t a big fan of shopping and last I checked, neither was Wes.

                “Shopping?” I asked bluntly, shifting onto my other foot impatiently when Dustin honked his horn for the second time.

                “Not for clothes. Trust me, I think you’ll enjoy it.” Wes smiled at me before I quickly nodded and rushed out the front door.

                “Took you long enough.” Sasha muttered when I got in the car.

                “Sorry, I was talking to Wes.” I mumbled, buckling in.

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