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Chapter 15

Libby Ashford


                I leaned against the front door and bit my lip as I listened to Nick’s bike purr to life before he sped away. I closed my eyes as a sigh escaped my lips. What the hell was I doing? He had kissed me and I had kissed him back. Before I knew it, a small smile was present on my face. I knew it was wrong, but our kiss felt unbelievably right.

                “I don’t like him.” I jumped at the sound of Wes’ voice. I glared at him as he stood across from me, arms crossed and face arranged into a scowl.

                “I don’t believe I asked for your opinion.” I replied icily.

                “He’s not right for you Libby.” I glared at my brother spitefully.

                “Do you think you can just waltz into my life and tell me who is and isn’t right for me?” I raised my voice as I spoke, glowering at his stern expression.

                “I think that I’m your brother and I’ve known you since you were born. Whether you care to admit it, I do know you and I know he isn’t good for you.” Wes and I had a stare off until I broke it and walked to the base of the stairs.

                “Correction Wes, you knew me.” I said quietly. I’d walked up the first few steps before I spoke again. “Five years can change a person.”

                I slammed my door and jumped on my bed, burying my face in my pillows. I’d gone from being confused but happy to downright angry in a matter of seconds. Wes had just made me so angry though. How dare he come into my life and tell me who isn’t right for me. I’m not saying anything is going to happen between Nick and I but it was still out of bounds. A part of my wished deeply that we were the same people we’d been five years ago but we weren’t.

                I wasn’t the same person.

                My thoughts drifted to the brief kiss I’d shared with Nick and my cheeks heated. As corny as it sounds, the kiss…it was kind of magical. Okay, it was magical. I’d never been kissed like that and as much as I hated to admit it, I wanted to kiss him again. I scowled at the direction my thoughts had turned. I wasn’t supposed to end up liking someone here. I had made a plan for myself. As soon as I graduated high school I was out of here. I was going to work myself through college and get a career and try my hardest to forget my horrendous upbringing. Then, maybe then, I’d consider getting involved romantically with a guy. The day we left the man I’m forced to call dad I’d made that plan and thought it would be easy enough to keep to it.

                However, I hadn’t factored meeting Nick in.

                I mean, how could I? How could I foresee meeting someone that changed the plan entirely? Easy answer is I couldn’t. I couldn’t have possibly known that a certain raven haired male would change my feelings in a matter of days. Now here I was, considering the possibility of starting a relationship with a guy that I knew almost nothing about. Somewhere along the way I must have lost my mind because even now, what I’m proposing, sounds ridiculous. There’s no way I could ever be in a relationship, not now anyway. Besides, Nick isn’t a one girl type of guy. I’ve only been around him for roughly the same amount of time as a business week and I’d already figured that out. He was a “wham bam, thank you mam” type of guy. Thing is, I’m not that kind of girl nor could I ever see myself being that kind of girl. I sighed quietly and shook my head. Who was I kidding? I was getting ahead of myself. It was just one kiss and now Nick is either regretting the whole thing or laughing his ass off as he tells the story to all of his friends. The kiss was probably meaningless to a guy like Nick.

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