Exclusive Interview With Daniel, Kayden and Jax

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HI GUYS. I was told that this was no longer available anymore on The Wattpad Block Party anthology that I used to be apart of so I'm now posting it here! This was dated sometime before Perfect Redemption was properly finished and certainly before Perfect Christmas 2.0

The Perfect Series Boys: Exclusive Interview With Daniel, Kayden and Jax

Author's Note:

Hello! Claudia over here from claudiaoverhere on Wattpad (See what I did there?) For those of you who don't know me, I'm the author of the Perfect series — Perfect Illusion, Perfect Addiction and Perfect Redemption. I'm 17 years old and I'm a professional bathroom singer as well a major book junkie.

I hope you guys are having a good time with the Wattpad Block Party! Thank you Kelly for inviting me to take part in this event! I was thinking long and hard about what to do for my piece and then I thought "hey, it would be so much fun to host an interview with my guy characters!"

And here we are. Hope you guys enjoy!

Love, Claudia.

Warning: This interview contains spoilers for both Perfect Illusion, Perfect Addiction and Perfect Redemption. And similar to my other works, this interview also contains strong language and explicit content. Please read at your own risk.


Claudia (the author) as the Interviewer

Jax as Jax

Kayden as Kayden

Daniel as Daniel

(Camera starts rolling. Boys are cued in)

Me: Hello, boys.

Kayden: Hi.

Daniel: (grins) Hey, Claudia. (leans forward to kiss me on my cheek)

Me: (giggles) Please, boys. Sit down. Get comfortable.

Daniel: Thanks. (plops unto the couch beside me)

(Kayden is about to sit down when Jax comes sauntering in. Kayden glares at him)

Kayden: What the fuck is he doing here?

Me: Oh, Jax? He's getting interviewed too.

Jax: Sup, Killer. Miss me?

Kayden: (seethes at me) You didn't say he was going to be in this interview.

Me: I thought you knew. He's one third of the Perfect series boys.

Kayden: No he's not. He's not included in our gang. Tell her, Daniel.

Daniel: (lifts his hands up in surrender) I'm not getting into this fight. You're on your own, bro.

Jax: (looks at Kayden then back at me) What the fuck is his problem?

Kayden: My problem? (glowers at Jax) My problem is that you freaking cheated on Sienna with her sister! And you almost killed her!

Jax: Hey, now! In my defense, I almost killed her because you ended up throwing that fight! That last punch was supposed to be for you, not her! I would never hurt her.

Kayden: But you did. You fucked her sister.

Jax: But I'm not like that anymore! I've changed! Go on, Claudia. Tell him. Tell him the god awful path I had to go through to get my redemption.

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