Chapter 13: Mutiny

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We wake with the sun, still entangled in each other's arms. I bury my face in Cade’s chest and discover my scent lingering on his skin. I sigh and he hugs me close.

I could stay like this forever.

He kisses the top of my head and I look up. “Good morning.”

“Indeed, it is,” he smiles before covering my mouth with his. Unlike last night, there’s no rush in his movements. The actions are becoming familiar, and by the light of day, they seem more real. We’re still completely undressed, and the feel of his bare skin against my own is irresistible.

The jungle’s humidity is already making our bodies stick together, as though we were one. Looking down on our conjoined forms, however, there’s no mistaking where one ends and the other begins.

We’re a jumble of contrasts. My naturally brown skin makes Cade’s golden tan appear light in comparison, while his now haystack colored hair causes my deep-hued locks to seem even darker. My limbs look almost child-like next to his well-defined muscles, even in their relaxed state.

“If only that ship had been carrying the treasure we expected instead of worthless documents . . . ,” he mumbles absent-mindedly into my ear.

I keep my head against his chest, drawing imaginary circles with my finger over the smooth skin. “What?”

He stirs, as if snapping out of a daydream. “Oh, nothing really. I was just thinking how different things would be if that Dutch ship had been loaded with chests of gold like rumor said.”

I push myself up on one elbow, looking down on his reclining figure. “Is that why you attacked it? For the gold. To buy your way out of piracy?”

He doesn’t answer and following his line of sight, I see he’s staring at my breasts. Covering them with my free hand finally gets his attention.

“Hey!” He grins and reaches behind my head. Digging his fingers into my hair, he pulls me back against him.

We kiss again, but this time, a faint splashing of water draws away my focus. “Do you hear that?” I raise my head and continue to listen.

Obliging me for a few seconds, Cade shakes his head when we hear nothing more. “Just a bird or the wind.”

A twig snaps somewhere nearby.

“There’s something down there,” I whisper, but he still doesn’t release me.

“You’re imagining—“

"Oy, up there! Show yerself or we'll shoot ya' down!" The warning from below makes us both jump.

My eyes widen, but Cade puts a finger against his lips, urging me to stay silent. Slipping into his trousers, he approaches the side of the hut with his hands outstretched. "It's about bloody time you showed up," he casually denounces the unexpected visitors. "Give us a minute, will ya'?"

When he turns back to me, he's more serious. "These are pirates, Ana, but they're not like me," he whispers, handing over my clothes. "Just stay quiet and let me do the talking."

I nod and quickly dress. When I’m ready, he pulls me close and looks into my eyes. "I'm sorry. I was hoping we'd have more time together. I quite enjoyed being stranded here alone with you." Not waiting for a response, he kisses me passionately. Slowing to small pecks, it appears he has trouble letting go.

I don’t mind one bit and I reciprocate until he places one last, light kiss on the tip of my nose.

He throws down the rope ladder and climbs down. I follow, descending into a circle of half-dozen pirates.

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