best friends (George)

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You and George have been best friends for years and where basically inseparable. You hung out every day after school and sometimes had sleepovers. The sleepovers where never weird, I mean yeah you liked him (like a lot) but they where completely innocent, sadly.

"Hey (Y/n)! I thought i'd never catch up to you" George said running up behind you, the bell had just rang and school was out for spring break. "Hey George, sorry I was gonna wait for you but I was just to excited to get outside" You two walked outside. "So are we hanging out at your house or mine?" George asked innocently, god why do I love this man so much. "We haven't been to my house in a while, plus my parents aren't home so we can be as stupid as we want" You said chuckling slightly. George just nodded and you began to walk to your house.

You two laughed and made stupid inside jokes as you walked, and you finally reached your house. You both walked inside and kicked off your shoes, setting down your book bags. "Ooh, we should make cookies!" George said excited like a little kid.

"Okay George, but first can we relax a little. It's been a really long week an-" You were cut off by your own tears, you where trying to hold them back but this week had been really tough, with final exams and your parents where out of town trying to fix there slowly dying relationship, its just been really tough.
"Oh sweetie its okay, I know its been difficult but I'm here for you, I always will be" George sweetly whisperd, petting your head, slowly lead you two over to the couch. You gained your composer again and thanked George for his kind words. He continued to comfort and cuddle you.

"Hey (Y/n), there's something I've been meaning to tell you, about how much I care about you and how much you really mean to me." George face turned pink. You looked at him a little confused, "You can tell me anything George" You said anxiously awaiting his response. "Well (Y/n), I like you, like a lot. I've liked you for years and I've just been to sca-" You cut off his rambling with a passionate kiss. He was shocked but slowly melted into the kiss, giving back the same passion. You both pulled back slightly, looking into each others eyes, both of you had giant smiles across your face. "So I guess this means you like me too" George said with a slight chuckle. "Shut up" You said with a sly grin, leaning back into the kiss, this time with a more lustful feel. George got up and grabbed your hand, excitedly dragging you upstairs to your room.

You closed the door behind you, George turned around, lust filled his eyes and he pushed you against the door in a very dominate kiss. You let out a slight moan as George's hands roamed up and down your body. He smiled a bit into the kiss at your reaction.

You then slid your hands to his chest, pushing him onto your bed. He leaned back on his hands as you sauntered onto his lap. You began to kiss again and Georges hands slid from your waist to your ass and sqeesed. You giggled a little making him laugh a bit to. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
George said, he was always so polite. "Hell yeah I do" You replied, pushing George on his back. You began to kiss down his sharp jawline while unbuttoning his shirt.

Just as you finished the last button, George flipped you two over and kissed down your neck. You lifted up your arms as he pulled off your shirt. he began to kiss down your chest, unhooking your bra. You slipped your bra off your arms, George stared a bit. "Like what you see?" You joked. George smiled at you and continued to kiss down your stomach, massaging your breasts as he went.

He then began to unbutton your shorts, sliding them off your legs. He kissed your inner thighs, toying with the hem of your underwear. Finally he gave in to your moving hips, sliding off your panties. His tounge gently slid across your aching clit, he looked up at you as you let out a quiet moan. He proceeded licking your clit and slipped his middle finger into your core. This made you moan even more, you grabbed onto Georges hair. He continued his actions, adding his index finger into your wet core, pinning your trembling hips down with his other hand.

"Holy shit George, fuck, your gonna make me cum" You loudly moaned out, grabbing tighter onto Georges soft hair. George went as fast as he could thrusting his fingers in and out of your core and continued doing circles around your clit. Finally the cold feeling in your stomach crashed out in a wave of pleasure.

George removed his fingers and cleaned them with his mouth. "God your sweet" He said removing his finger from his mouth, he then leaned down to passionately kiss you again.

You undid his belt and began to yank off his pants and boxers in one Swift motion. He was a lot bigger than you expected which was a nice surprise. As you marveled George said "like what you see?" Mocking what you had said earlier, You giggled and nodded. George lined up with your entrance, teasing your folds a bit before slowly sinking into your core.

You both sighed in unison as George entered your wet core. He stared slow, not wanting to hurt you. Soon though, you begged him to go faster. "Your wish is my command" George said as he began a much faster pace.

"Oh my god George" Was all you could manage to breathe out in between your moans. George quitely grunted in your ear, in between pleading about how much he loved you. You came again and Georges thrusts became more sloppy. He pulled out, you crawled onto the floor and sat on your knees in front of George.

"Your so fucking beautiful (Y/n), so fucking gorgeous" He pleaded, looking at you before him as you began to suck his hard dick. You licked and sucked until strings of cum erupted into your mouth. You licked off every last drop and swallowed. "Wow" Was all you could say as you got up and put on a lose T-shirt. George put his pants back on as he replied "i know, that was freaking amazing"

George embraced you, he whispered in your ear "I love you so much (Y/n)" You looked up at him to say "I love you too George" He leaned down to kiss you on your forehead.

"Well there's still some cookies down stairs to bake, last one there doesn't get to like the bowl!" George yelled already half way down the stairs. God that man and his sweets, you thought to yourself as you began to walk down stairs.

Thank you so much for reading! This was my first ever story on here so sorry if it sucked

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Thank you so much for reading! This was my first ever story on here so sorry if it sucked. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to let me know.
✌peace and love💛

Aka @George_Hazza

P. S. This was heavily inspired by GeorgeHarrisonisbest, if you haven't read there stories please do, there freakin awesome

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