Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are- Vikklan

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

The room was warm, the fire was burning and crackling and the heat was seeping into my bones, making me extremely sleepy. My head was nodding, tipping forward to rest on my chin and then jerking back up a few times every minute as I tried to keep myself awake.

"You falling asleep on me?" Vikk spoke up as my head jerked again and I nodded miserably, desperate to concentrate on the film that was playing on the television in front of me. I didn't even know what it was about and we were almost half way through the movie, which showed how long I'd been nodding off.

Vikk sat up from where had been resting on my chest, both of us on our backs lying flat on the couch with a blanket nestled over our legs to keep us warm. It was the middle of winter and snowing outside, so we were just doing everything we could to keep warm.

He shifted so he was curled into my side and so his head was right underneath my chin, preventing it from dropping down again when I tried to fall asleep.

"Is that better?" His questioning voice broke the silence again, one of his hand snaking underneath my back and the other coming up to my shoulder, clinging onto my thin t-shirt.

We were as close as almost physically possible, our chests pressed together, legs tangled up like weeds and hand clinging to each other. We were so close that I could feel his breath tickling my neck ever time he took in a lungful of air and it warmed me each time he did.

It only took a few minutes before my eyelids started to grow heavy again and my chin dropped onto Vikk's head. My hands, which had been previously been tangled around Vikk's t-shirt, loosened as sleep took hold of me and heard Vikk start to hum, almost as a way to make sleep approach faster, and the vibrations numbed my brain.

Right before I finally drifted off I heard Vikk mumbled something, sounding half asleep too.

"Love you Lachy." I hummed in reply, knowing he'd get the message.

And with that, I simply drifted off, wrapped up in Vikk's arms.


"Oh my God! Guys! Come look at this!" I groaned, stirring as I felt Vikk knead his fist into my stomach and then just dropped my head again. I didn't want to wake up, the room was still warm and Vikk was like a big hot water bottle, numbing my limbs and making me feel like I was surrounded by cotton candy.

I rolled my head to the side and squinted, screwing up my nose, just as I felt Vikk squirm and pull himself over top of me, shielding me from whoever had been yelling and was now standing over the top of us. I heard Vikk groan before pulling himself up and off my chest.

"Shi- Simon! What the hell!" Vikk jolted and I stirred again, burying my head into the pillow behind my head to avoid the light from the ceiling.

"Uhh- Are you guys like- together or something? What the hell?" I felt Vikk sit up beside me, blocking my face from the light and one hand resting lightly on my shoulder.

"Umm- just, can you just leave please Simon.... we'll... Jesus Christ just give us some time to think okay." He paused. "And let Lachy wake up."

I heard the footsteps start to leave the room but at the same time several pairs came running towards us, startling me and my eyes jolted open. I groaned.

"What- what's going on?" Vikk's next words startled me and I jolted again, whining quietly and burying my head into the pillow again.

"Get out!!!" There was a solid pause for a few seconds while the others left before Vikk spoke up again.

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