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(y/n)'s POV
Hi there my name's (y/n),right now I'm riding a train to Pulau rintis to see master Makarov's friend tok aba and I'm also gonna move there

"Attention all passengers,we will be arriving Pulau rintis in 5 minutes,please carry all of your things and have a nice day!"

"Better get my stuff then"I said and held my bags,I'm not carrying that much so it's not that heavy,the train stopped and opened the doors,I went outside and looked at the picture that master gave me I averted my eyes on the picture and started looking for tok aba

"(Y/n) over here!"I saw tok aba waving his hands signaling me,I smiled and went to him

"Hi tok aba!"I smiled"just call me grandad"he said"sure grandad,oh and where's that boboiboy you were saying?"I asked looking for the boy

"He's not here yet,you can meet him later but for now let's go home,you must be tiered from the journey you've been"grandad said

"It's fine,infact it's super fun I got to see different houses!"I replied in excitement,grandad chuckled

Time skip

"Here we are"grandad said I looked at his house"wow it's so big"my (e/c) eyes sparkled

"Thank you,and your room is upstairs,your doors color is purple!"grandad said as he walked to the kitchen,I went up stairs and saw seven different rooms with different colors I didn't want to open them so I went to my room,I opened it and saw everything in purple but not that girly

"Wow, awesome!"I exclaimed in excitement,I unpacked my stuff and placed them on my drawer"I'm not that tiered so I'm going downstairs"

"(Y/n) let's go to my shop!"grandad said out of the house"sure!"I replied and went outside

"There's my shop!"grandad said pointing at his shop?"it's quite big actually"I said

Then a huge spaceship landed besides the kokotaim I didn't gasped or anything it was just normal for me I mean I've seen a flying cat and more weird things and stuff so this is normal

"(Y/n) come here I want you too meet someone!"grandad called me,I saw seven boys with the same faces but different colors and designs of there clothes,I placed a finger on my chin

"So this is what elemental power/magic is"I said the boys were shocked

"Oh my bad,my name's (y/n)"I introduced and smiled there faces quickly turned red

"M-my name's quake!"the one introduced himself

"You can call me lightning or light"

"Your really pretty!,oh sorry I'm cyclone by the way!"

"The names blaze, beautiful"

"C-call me water!"

"Hi!! And I'm Thorn!"

"The names solar, darling"

"(Y/n) here is gonna stay with us so be nice to her!"grandad said while getting back to work

Then a floating robot was in front of me he was color yellow"hi! I'm ochobot"he said"my name's (y/n)"I replied"so your not freaking out?"blaze asked"no,infact I've seen more"that's the only thing I said,the robot started scanning me"what are you doing ochobot?"quake asked at the yellow robot"hmm.....she doesn't have a powerband nor a power sphera but I can sense something on her"ochobot replied then stopped scanning me

"I forgot to say this but Eliza has powers not from powerbands but from her body!"grandad yelled while wipping a cup

"Is that so......can you show it?"ochobot asked while stepping closer"sure"I replied"sky god's roar!"

I released black wind from my mouth and pointed it to the sky "Thats impressive,you use that kind of magic at your age?"ochobot asked in disbelief"oh yeah it's one of my simple attacks!"

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I released black wind from my mouth and pointed it to the sky
"Thats impressive,you use that kind of magic at your age?"ochobot asked in disbelief"oh yeah it's one of my simple attacks!"

"Simple?!"all of them said in unison"why is it that weak?"I asked"n-no but what we meant was that attack almost made the sky black?!"quake explained"what are your powerful spells then?"ochobot asked"well it's fairy law,katsu,and formula 100!"I replied

"Those attacks need tremendous magic energy!"ochobot said"im an S class wizard so it's not that big of a deal"

"An S class?!"ochobot yelled"oh about that I'll tell you on another day!"I noted

"Come on let's go home!"grandad said,we all nodded in agreement at started walking to the house

Whoah this journey is just the beginning,I hope it'll be fun!!!

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