(33) Protection (Oc Request)

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Requested by: Dream_Loves17

this is a requested oneshot by their OC



Aisla walks around the school, ducking her head low from the stares that were sent in her direction.

You see, she was the all known "Living Ghost" in San Fransokyo Institute of Technology according to a girl named Camila.

Rumos told that she had this scar in her eye from a beating. And others told that she was not NORMAL. Whatever that means..

She continued to walk on the halls until a force pushed her towards the lockers.

A evil crackle could be heard.

Aisla sighed in exasperation while rolling her eyes -- uh, eye?-- at the familiar voice.

"Hah! Look at the freak!"

"Camila." Aisla thought hopelessly.

Camila's goons snickered at her words.

Aisla carefully stood up and meekly looked up at them before looking down on her shoes.

"Can you please leave me alone?" She gripped the ends of her hoodie tighter knowing that she would get yelled at or get another beating.

"oH, DID LOSER SAY SOMETHING?" Camila said loudly, pretending that she didn't hear her.

This made her goons laugh louder.

"Can you please leave me alone?" Aisla repeated, a little louder than her previous voice.

Tony (one of Camila's 'girl friends) scoffed. "So, you actually had the guts to talk back at us Sakura." She said Aisla's last name with so much distaste it made her flinch.

"Yeah," Pink [no offence to Steven Universe fans out there njsksnks] agreed, glaring daggers at Aisla.

Camila smirked at her friends. "Looks like she needs a beating."

* * *

On a corner of a room, Aisla was found crying. The beating she had a few hours ago was absolutely horrid.

Sniffing and silently wailing, she wipes her eyes from the continuous tears flowing out.

Near the room she was in, Hiro Hamada was trudging his way out of his lab and was about to go home when he suddenly heard the quiet whimpers near his figure.

Sure, he had heard of the rumors about a "Living Ghost" but he didn't believe every single word about it.

Ghosts don't exist.

Scientifically anyway.

Quietly, he walked towards the empty classroom and silently opened the door.

He wouldn't say he was scared (Well, he was but he would NEVER admit it) but he just wanted to know who was the one responsible for the small whimpers.

There, on the corner of his eye, he saw a tiny figure in a hoodie.

That was where the whimpers were coming from.

Goosebumps traveled to his arms and neck while he silently panicked on the spot.

Is that a ghost?!

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