Chapter 4

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We all stayed off school today, all for different reasons, it was too dangerous for Jessica to go out, I kinda knew how she felt so I tryed to do as much as I could for her, Alfie stayed off so he could be with me and I stayed off to recover from being smashed into a wall. We all sat in the indoor garden, looking up at the clouds, Alfie fell a sleep so it was just me and Jessica.



"Why are you and Alfie so close?"

I looked at her in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Well your always together and you never argue?"

I looked up at the sky then at Alfie who was fast a sleep.

"Because one time we couldn't be so close with each other, so we're making up for lost time I guess."

I started to play with Alfie's hair, he started to wake up a little, he pulled me closer and wrapped his arm around me. He opened his big blue eyes fully and looked into mine.

"I hope I find someone to love like the love you have for him."

It stayed silent for a while, the door bell went, I got up and left Jessica with Alfie who had fallen a sleep. I opened the front door, a tall, tanned women stood in front of me.

"Can I help you?"

She lifted up her hand and sprayed me with something, she lifted her other hand, signalling to two other people to come forward, they came towards me, they held on to me, I tried to break free but something had happened to my body, I had no strength or powers, I was helpless.


I heard him running towards us, the two people pushed me into the car, one either side of me, I looked out the back window seeing Jessica and Alfie running towards the car, I started to scream, they stopped running, tears rolled down my face quicker and quicker.

"ALFIE! ALFIE! Alfie!"

I stopped screaming, I slipped down on the chair, crying my eyes out.

"Stop crying you pathetic vampire!"

I looked over my shoulder, the tanned women was looking at me.

"What did you call me?"

"I called you a pathetic vampire! Your boyfriend isn't coming for you, why would he."

I started to get angry, every word she said burned me a little more.

"I mean if he really loved you, he would of kept running, plus he's not even that nice."

"Don't you dare say anything about Alfie!"

"What you going to do, you pathetic vampire, you don't even have any powers at the moment. Your boyfriends not coming for you, no one is, no one will ever come for you, your just a pathetic little girl who no body will ever love."

I hit my foot to the floor, flipping the car, they all ran out of the car, I felt my hands burning, the car exploded with me init, as the smoke cleared, I looked for her, the women who hurt me. I ran in front of her, stopping her in her tracks, plant veins wrapped around her legs making sure she couldn't go anywhere.

"If I'm so pathetic, how come your the one trying to run away from me? How come your the one who has no one helping you?"

"I'm sorry, please don't hurt me."

She started to cry even more, she started to tug at the plant veins trying to get free. My hand turned to ice, the end of it sharp like a blade.

"I have no mercy for you!"

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