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In this part Connors trying to show he likes Evan but says stuff like "Nice shoulders"

~Evans POV~

I walked into the cafeteria looking for my little friend group. I finally spot them and walk over, the were sitting under a tree in a circle. The circle consented of; Micheal, Jeremy, Jared and Connor.

"Hey" I said as I sat in between Jared and Connor.
"Tree boi!" Jared showed me his phone "Look at this," I looked on the phone to see me and Connor, arms around each other completely drunk. And a little high.
"Is that from Saturday?" I asked laughing awkwardly, as light blush spread across my face.
"Yeah," Jared laughed

"It's not nearly as bad as the ones I got of Jeremy and Micheal though" I looked over at them and raised and eyebrow.
"I have a picture of them making out" I felt Connors breath against me ear as he whispred that, sending shivers down my spine
"So are you guys like a thing now?" I ask Micheal and Jeremy who are both blushing like crazy

"W-What? no..  I m-mean" Jeremy started
"No! I mean n-not that that's a bad idea- I MEAN WHAT?" the both started talking jibbrish and I laughed
"Hey were not the only ones, I mean You and Connor obliviously like each other" I blushed and stuttered
"W-what a-a-about Jared with Rich and Jake" I pointed at Jared
"Hey! We've come out, that doesn't count."

"So Evan, how's the gardening club going-" Jeremy started
"HOLY FERN I FORGOT I HAVE TO GO" I grabbed my bag gave Connor a quick hug and ran

~Connor's POV~

"How do I ask him out?" I asked as soon as Evan left, All the boys turned towards me either shocked or smirking
"Well you could just ask but I'm assuming that's not gonna happen" Jared said "So take him out, don't say if it's a date or just a hang out just invite him, then flirt with him and see his reaction"
"Flirt" I said questionably "I'm not good at that" Jeremy laughed at my reaction

"Hey I bet your not as bad as me-" I cut him off
"I tried to oncebut I ended up complementing Evan on his shoulders" I sighed embarrassed as they laughed
"Then don't complement him straight up just do little things like ask to try his food or Let him do your hair you know?" Micheal said
"Urgh fine,"

~Time skip~
Evan's POV

I had just finished my last period when I got a text from Connor.

Hey do you wanna go to the orchid and get ice creem and stuf - Connor

I smiled to myself as I read his horribly written text.

I'd love to, when though?

Well I mean we cood go now

Yeah sure!  Meet at the spot?

K I'll sea u there

I turned off my phone and walked to the little place under the stairs. It's got a door to go outside, Connor tells me that's how he skips.

Once I see Connor my smile grew bigger than before
"Hey Connor" I said walking up to him, he looked up from his phone
"Hey Ev," He put his phone in his pocket and pulled out his keys "You ready?" I nodded and we headed to his car.

Once were in the car he asked "Ice cream first?"

After a while we arrived and Connor came to my side of the car and opened the door
"Someone's gentlemen like today" I giggled
"Well yeah, be happy while it last"
Now there's the real Connor

I skipped into the place like a little kid and awed at all the flavors I then felt Connors hand on my shoulder
"What flavor are you gonna get?" I asked him
"Probably cookies and cream"
"You always get that, why don't you try something different, like Peanut butter or Snicker doodle or even just Vanilla"
"I don't like any of those flavors so I'm going to stick with my cookies and cream thank you very much"

We ordered and started walking to the car
"So what flavor did you end up getting?" Connor asked
"Gross, let me try" I laughed and held out my ice cream like a microphone and he licked it. I watched his facial expression go from 'loading.... ' to confused
"That's actually alright" he said I laughed and we hoped in the car.

As we drove I remembered something from the ice cream shop
"You don't like Vanilla?" I asked
"Nah I like a different kind of Vanilla" I raised an eyebrow but he just smirked and looked at my for a second before looking at the road
"please keep your innocence, it's adorable" I blushed and stuttered out
"I-I'm not that innocent" he laughed

"Sex." I blushed harder as he spoke,
"W-why would you s-say that?" he laughed again
"See your innocent because you can't even here that word with out freaking out" I crossed my arms and mutter 'I'm not innocent because I know Jared'
he laughed harder as we pulled up at the orchid.

Orchid stuff happens~

"Follow me" Connor yelled as he ran across the yellow field to a tell tree. Once I finally catch up with him he turned to me and smirked "Imagine what the world would look like from up so high" he then started climbing
"Hey! Wait up!"

I followed him and ended up sitting on a branch a little lower. I turn to smile at him and he smiles back, I wish it could have stayed like that for forever but unfortunately it didn't.

A\N in this AU he actual fell, he didn't let go

Probably only a second passed before I fell but if felt like a minute;
I looked at Connor for a second before realising what was about to happen. I didn't leave his gaze, until I fell.

I hit the ground and groaned agony my left arm was definitely broken.
"Evan!" I Heard Connor yell,  my vision was blurry "Ev, Evan," he had picked my up and was walking towards the car. I had started crying but I didn't notice until he wiped a tear of my cheek.

"It's OK shh, I'm sorry" was the last thing I heard before blacking out.


Yes, there will be a party two ^ω^

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