Chapter 10: Kat

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The next morning went pretty much the same as the last.

After I was retrieved from my room and made it downstairs- on time- six men made their way inside the brothel as we all were forced to line up for them. They surveyed us all, sizing us up as who'd they'd most like to fuck out of the eight of us.

I was worried for a time, noting that the odds were stacked against my favor. Six of them, eight of us. Only two wouldn't be chosen and I was damn well determined to be one half of that outcome. As it seemed though, my worries were unnecessary.

Each time a customer would stalk my way, he- Blake- would come out of the shadows and mutter something to them and each time, the men would either look upon me with disgust or disappointment and move onto another one of the girls.

I hadn't asked it of him nor did I know why he was doing it, but regardless of the motivations for his actions, he was looking out for me.

In this house, with these people, I would be foolish to turn that down.

At the end of the Line up, myself and one other girl were left and I breathed a sigh of relief and sent a thankful glance Blake's way. He didn't smile or nod or acknowledge what he'd done for me. Instead, he looked away, steering his gaze to the ground as he walked up to me.

"Ready to go back up?"

"What about breakfast?"

His brows pinched together. "You wanna stay down here and eat?"

"Might as well. Being cooped up in same room all day isn't really doing anything for my sanity."

He looked mildly annoyed. "You get ten minutes."

He led me over to the kitchen and I sat on one of the stools against the counter top. For all of the miserable injustices and sinful deeds that occurred in this house, the kitchen was actually quite homey. The room had a different feel than the rest of the house. It was welcoming against the harsh judgement in the walls of the house, or the bedrooms which laughed at my expense and taunted me with the horrors that awaited me behind their closed doors.

Though, the food probably helped the most. 

I stacked my plate with an apple, three blueberry muffins, and a beagle slathered in cream cheese. The servant who'd given me breakfast before, Theresa, set a chilled glass of water in front of me and I gave her a small smile in return.

Blake was off to the side leaning against the counter top, paying no attention to me or anything else in the room. In the middle of devouring my second muffin, the one other girl who hadn't gotten picked sat down next to me.

Her platinum blonde hair stung to look at it was so bright; almost as bad as the metallic sequence dress she was wearing that made her look more like a walking disco ball rather than a-

Well, what exactly is she? A prostitute?

Next to me, she scoffed and dropped her head into her hands. Out of sheer boredom, I asked, "Something wrong?"

Peeking through her curtain of hair that had fallen around her face, she looked me over for two whole seconds before hiding her face again.

"I was supposed to get breakfast."

In silence, my eyes scanned over the array of breakfast foods lining the counter in front of her. "Uh..."

"I don't mean this shit." She sat back in the stool, a deep frown creasing her lips. "I was supposed to get breakfast with Carlos."

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