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Jisung woke up to a sound coming from his window. He groaned as he got up, still sleepy.

He opened the window and, to his surprise, a small rock hit his forehead.

"Sorry baby! I didn't mean to hit you!"

"What the fuck Minho, what are you doing here at fucking 5am? And why are you always throwing rocks at windows? Do you have a kink for breaking other people's windows?"

"You talk a little too much for someone who just woke up. And I came to pick you up, we're going somewhere."

"We are?! When did I ever agree to this?!"

"You don't need to agree and you'll thank me later, I can guarantee you that. Now go get ready quickly but please open the door first because it's freezing cold outside"

"You're so annoying" Jisung said as he opened the door to his small apartment on the second floor.

"You like it baby"

"I don't. And you're lucky my landlord leaves for work very early, so the gate is opened since 4am, because I was not going to go downstairs to open it for you."

"Well that's good to know, and you wouldn't leave me to die in the cold"

"Try me bitch"

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