Season 01

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In a city where everyone's a social media celebrity, twin sisters Qannen & Qynka find it increasingly hard to stand out. There's always someone younger and hotter willing to do something more daring and insane in order to gain more followers.

But as people around them start mysteriously disappearing, they realize that the walled city where they live harbors a terrible secret. All of the content they spend their lives generating is just the first step in a plan to keep them interacting with brands even after they die.

As Qynka & Qannen cause as much drama as possible to earn followers and grow their brands, they're unwittingly setting themselves up to be the first stars of the Ghost Show. They'll have to decide if the life they want to live is literally worth dying for.

The First Season of Cutie Cutie Ghost Show features:

-Bratty celebutantes~

-Social media warfare~

-Thrillingly synergistic brand interactions~

-Flying robot bugs~

- and Extremely sexual ghosts~

Add me to your library honey this is going to be so killer 

Add me to your library honey this is going to be so killer 

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