How to Write a Good Story (Grammar)

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Hi I know there are a few of these at Wattpad but I wanted to try anyway. This isn't a thing I write to say you suck or anything. I just thought I'd give some pin-points and tips on how to make your story better. The things I write here are not meant to offend anyone just give you a bump in the right direction. Also by writing this I do not by any means imply that I'm much better than you at writing, or better at all. You can read this and think "crazy lady" she's so wrong, you could even write it if you want. I don't mind. Just remember this isn't supposed to offensive to anyone even though it might be. For that I apologise before-hand.



1. Grammar

Grammar is one of THE most important things in a story.

1. Capital letters. It's simple really; use 'em in the right places. I strongly dislike reading a story without capital letters at the beginning of names, sentences, and when you write I.

2. Time-tense. Use the right time tense, you can't first write in present tense and then in the middle of it switch to past tense.

3. Spelling and words. Keep track of the spelling mistakes and use the right word. It's not fun to read it like this;

Hi i now their our a few off this at Wattpad but i wanted too tri anyway.

I am probably overdoing it but keep it in mind.

4. Never and I mean never use texting-language in a story (unless, of course they are getting an sms). Ex:

W is that? U shouldn't n r your parents aware of that?

5. Piece your story up. When you start telling about something else; skip a line. Your story will get so much easier to read.

6. Use the " " when somone says something.

7. Use dots etc. at the right places. Remember never use more then 3 dots in a row. You put ? before the ! if you use both at the end of a sentence, like this; ?!

8. To help you with all of the above I highly recomend using "word" or "works" or "office" or any other similiar.


That's all for now. I will upload when I get the time.

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