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Angelica P.O.V

I snifled softly as my sister Eliza kissed my long crush, Alexander Hamilton.

The smitten birds were in garden, enjoying their peaceful time together.

I...i didnt watched Eliza. I stared at Alexander.

The boy was too precius. He had silky dark brown. Magnetic eyes.

He could get every girl on fire. He can stole every girls heart. Which he did mine. And my sisters', Eliza.

But I cant do that to her. She was always there for me and Peggy.

She deserves him.

Peggy tapped my back as we both watched them peacefully.

Yes, Peggy knew about my feelings towards him

But didnt dare to tell Eliza anything.

Peggy and I are really gratefull for Eliza. She is our everything. Our world.

I sighed softly before going inside going inside living room. Peggy looked at me worriedly but did not dare to ask me anything.

Soon there was knock on door.

I went to the door, which revealed Peggys' girlfriend, Maria.

"Oh hey!" She smiled at me, waiting for Peggy.

"Hey." I said fake smilling.

"Wh..whats wrong, Angi?" Maria said worriedly.

I shook my head as Peggy showed up.

"Hey baby!" Peggy smiled as Maria blushed.

"Hey darling!" Maria said as she hugged Peggy and then deeply kissed her.

I looked at them, smilling.

I wish I was like Peggy.

Peggy was happy. Eliza was happy. Everybody was happy.

Everybody is satisfied.

But me?

I will never be happy.

I will never be satisfied.

Maria saw my fake smile as she stopped kssing Peggy.

"Whats wrong with Angela, baby?" Maria said confused.

"Lil birdie got smitten over a guy, and guy took Eliza's hand instead of her." Peggys said.

I just sighed deeply as Maria looked understanded.

"Im sorry...Do you want to come with us drinking?" Maria said offering as Peggy smiled at her girlfriend.

"You dont mind?" I asked as this picked my interest.

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