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Iris' P.O.V
Harry really is a jerk, I never want to cry in front of any human being. I feel so weak mentally right now, I've never done that. I hope he thinks I wasn't crying, but he asked! I'm just very angry at how it all happened. Right now nothing besides Johnny is important though. He really thought it was ok to tell me I don't know how to take care of Johnny. Trying to take over my life I suppose.

Me: is Johnny with you?

Andy: no and don't bring him please

Me: wow sister of the year award goes to you idiot

Andy: please don't text me if all your'e going to do is insult me

Me: trust me I don't want to text you anyways

Where the heck is Johnny? He has to be with my dad, there is no way he is not. Harry told me he was, but I just don't believe my dad is treating him well, or at least how he is supposed to be treated.

Dad: why are you texting Andy you've got her upset with all your harsh words as well Johnny is with me

Me: I could care less about Andy's emotions and nicely tell Johnny to put on his pajamas and go to bed

Dad: just get home we need to talk anyways

Me: I'm on the way

I lock the car and slam the door out of anger. Harry's words eco in my mind, your brother I'm so sick of this I just have to say something. You guys treat him like he's not human. Harry really is pushing my buttons, trying to act like he knows Johnny more than I do. I wonder how my dad treated Johnny in front of him for him to assume that.

"I'm home", I announce annoyed as soon as I enter the house.

"Where Johnny?" I ask right as I see my dad

"He went to bed", My Dad says shocking me.

"You sure?" I asked surprised

"I mean he went to his room and closed the lights so I'm guessing", My Dad says making me roll my eyes and run upstairs.

Johnny does that whenever he's upset, he turns off the lights and sits alone. I've noticed it about a few times, like the time a kid took his book, he went inside of the boy's bathroom and closed the lights. Later on a male teacher notified me that after he went inside the restroom. Another few times he's done it too.

"Johnny", I say knocking on the door opening the lights.

Just as I had thought he was sitting on the edge of the bed and tears were streaming down his face. Why? I'm not sure, time to find out. My mind goes right to the fact that my father or his mother did something to him or told him something.

"Johnny what's wrong?" I ask bringing him in for a hug but he pushes me away.

"You don't want a hug?" I ask concerned.

"No!" He cries.

"What did I do? Why did I make you sad?" I say stroking his hair.

"You yelled at Harry", He cries.

"No, I didn't yell at Harry but you can't see Harry again ok? He's  leaving tomorrow he said a goodbye to you though", I comment looking at Johnny's light brown eyes.

"You did yell at Harry!" He says stomping his foot on the ground.

Little does he know anything about Harry

"Johnny Harry is leaving!" I scream surprising myself.

"No he's not", Johnny cries into my shoulder.

"He has to go I'm sorry", I say patting his back.

"No", Johnny repeats.

I understand this upsets Johnny a lot but I can't have him get to close to Harry because it results in things like this. I don't want Johnny getting close to anyone let alone Harry. On some days I don't want Johnny getting to close to me, I may die one day and God knows what will happen to him. Johnny is to innocent for this world, like for an example right now, he's mad because he thinks I yelled at Harry. Quite frankly I did, but like not because I hate him, because I highly dislike him. I know Harry only means good, but it's becoming to a point where it's just being all in my business. I'm a really private person, no one alive knows who I really am, expect Johnny.

"We will sing some songs Harry showed you tomorrow is that a deal?" I ask him.

"Yes", He smiles wiping his tears.

"Ok now go to bed", I say tickling him a little so he can smile.

I watch as Johnny closes his eyes and goes into a deep slumber. Slowly without making any noise I close the door and make my way downstairs to speak to my dad.

"What did you want?" I ask crossing my hands.

"I need to speak to you about something come have a seat", He says patting the empty spot on to couch next to him.

"Can you please just talk?" I say annoyed.

"Relax, anyways so I was meaning to tell you, Monica and I decided it was best if we moved to Central London and we want to sell this house", My Dad says dropping my jaw.

"No you have enough money to allow me to stay here I'm not moving", I say refusing his words.

"We will buy you a house but maybe one for just you if you would like the stay here", My Dad says compromising.

"Yes Johnny and I will be ok with a small place as long as it's here", I add.

"Johnny? He's coming with his mother", My Dad says bringing heat to my head.

"No he's not! Johnny is staying with me!" I fight getting up.

"Why would he stay with you when he has his mother?" My Dad shouts getting up to look into my eyes.

"Because his mother doesn't take care of him and you know it!" I scream.

"Where is that brat anyways?" I ask.

"Don't call her that she's my wife now! She's not your mother, she's my wife and she deserves respect!" My Dad says disgusting me.

"I deserve respect too, but never get it and so does Johnny. Why don't you two just leave us the bloody hell alone?" I spit.

"Babe", Monica says walking in.

"Listen here your son is staying with me go to Hell with my dad I don't even care just leave Johnny with me", I say feeling like I'm looking into her evil soul.

"Whatever keep him! Just know that if you keep him I'm never looking back at him again", She says with an evil smirk.

"Uh your'e trying to threaten me but it's not like you take care of him anyways", I say rolling my eyes and walking away.

I know I've said harsh things to my dad, but it's nothing he doesn't need to hear. I've had it with the both of them. I feel tears brim my eyes so I make my way into my room, I quickly change into my pajamas and let my tears fall. I haven't felt this horrible in years, since my mother left. I feel like I have the responsibility of a child, he's now officially like mine? It's so odd, but I feel lots of stress and it all hurts me a lot.

Anonymous: hey I'm sorry about today I didn't mean to offend you if I did

I wipe my tears to try to make out what the message I receive says but then, I receive another one right after.

Anonymous: it's Harry btw

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