King Of Hearts

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"How do I know who's a potential love interest?" What he was really asking is if Geoff held all the cards or not. Awsten wanted to know if there was a way he could identify the people on his own rather than with Geoff's help. It wasn't that he didn't want to work with Geoff. Okay, maybe that was it, but it wasn't like Geoff was interested in helping him anyways. "Like I know that there's hearts but is there any other signs?"

"When a potential love interest appears for the first time, there will be a change in music."

"If they have hearts, maybe they have diaries you can read for their feelings." Geoff might've spoke over Briar's reply but wasn't entirely kidding. It wasn't uncommon for video games featuring multiple love interests to have some system to check on how they feel about you. Harvest Moon and Rune Factory had diaries. It wasn't unreasonable to think that this game might have something similar.

"It's 2018, nobody has diaries anymore." Awsten rolled his eyes. It clicked that Geoff had missed out on the last three years of the world. At some point, he was going to have to update the other boy. Kylie Jenner had a baby. The Nintendo Switch came out. Donald Trump was president. The Syrian refugee crisis. The Orlando shooting. The #MeToo movement. Geoff had missed a lot.

"It's 2018? Holy fuck." Geoff hadn't been sure how much time had passed. Nobody had mentioned the year up until now. He thought of all the consoles he might've missed. All the games that were released after his passing. His eyes lit up when he realized that Pokemon Sun & Moon was probably out at this point. And Persona 5. And Overwatch. "Maybe they have a finsta. Is Instagram still a thing?"

"Every potential love interest will have a slow motion scene. Any questions?"

"Instagram is still a thing. It's been three years dude, not three thousand." Briar might've been answering his question but he wasn't listening. He was too busy teasing Geoff over dying. He didn't really think about it before the words came out. That was one of Awsten's worst qualities. The words always came out before he could filter his thoughts. "What? Too soon?"

"You laugh but MySpace crashed and burned in less than three years." Geoff wasn't actually sure how old Awsten was. He looked pretty young. Did the MySpace comment go over his head? Was he old enough to even remember MySpace? "Ask if there's rivals." Geoff attempted to change the conversation.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Another instance of words coming out without any forethought. Awsten never tried to be an asshole. Not intentionally, anyways. If he took five seconds to phrase his thoughts a bit cleaner, he could've been considered a really nice guy. He still was in certain situations but it was a harder personality to pull out of him.

"Like romantic rivals." Geoff practically rolled his eyes at the novice in front of him. "In romance games or visual novels, there's romantic rivals. If you pursue someone, there's someone else also trying to get them too. It makes it harder. You have to woo them harder than the other person."

"You know an awful lot about romance games for somebody who never plays them." Awsten smirked at the older boy. Geoff's face flushed within seconds. Geoff wasn't lying when he said he wasn't one for romance games. He did however dabble in, erm, some intimate romantic situation games. Those also tended to feature a rival of sorts. He wasn't as experienced in intimacy in reality so he actively tried to live out his fantasies in his virtual world. His mouth opened and shut a few times before he could stammer anything out.


"Are there rivals?" Awsten cut the other boy off with a bright smile. His dimpled was exposed but he didn't care at the moment. He liked making Geoff flustered. The brown haired boy looked kinda cute when he was embarrassed. He looked smaller almost. Softer. Geoff might've looked like your typical gamer in some aspects but in others, he defied expectations. His arms were one of those expectations. His biceps were larger and more tan than Awsten's, although it looked like it was through minimal effort.

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