Chapter 20.

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~a while later ~
(Applejack is pregnant. How? I'll leave that to your imagination. (I don't know either . Maybe Twilight gave them a phill ? Who knows ))

" Dash!!!!!!" I heard Aj scream. I ran to the living room. " What wrong? Are you hurt? Is the baby ok?" I said . " We have to go to the hospital! Mah water broke!" I shouted. I quickly picked her up and carried her to the car. I was driving with one hand and squeezing her hand with the other. When we arrived i quickly parked the car and helped her out. The doctors took her in the instant we told them her condition. I walked in circles. Every scream Applejack let out made my heart break.  I know it's gonna be a girl . I'm thinking of naming her Zapp Apple. ( i know i know . Not so original but i think it fits the girl. I know a lot of people used this name. I don't know the original owner but i would love to find out.  Credits to the creator for the name. Sorry again.)

Suddenly the screaming stopped. Shortly after the door was opened by a doctor. " Mrs. Dash?" He said. " That's me." I said. I have great news. Congrats. You had twins. " " What?!" Twins ? Really. " This is... AWESOME!!! Can i see them?" " Yes . They are inside with your wife. I'll leave you two alone for now. "  I stepped in closing the door after me . There they were. Applejack had dark circles around her eyes and her hair was all messy. She looked REALLY exhausted. Yet she looked up from the babies she was holding and smiled at me. It warmed my heart. They were both girls. One with light cyan skin and yellow hair along with rainbow colored locks in it and the other had mint green skin with light colored rainbow hair. They looked absolutely adorable. I started to tear up.  " What do ya  want to name the other one ?" Asked Aj. I tought for a minute and decided on Apple Cloud. It's the Apple's tradition to name their child something Apple related. It was two perfect names for the best two little girls in all of equestria .
Ok i know i wasn't really creative with the names but can you blame me? It's hard coming up with names and i think any other name wouldn't fit these children. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!  Thank you for being here. Have a wonderful day sugarcubes! Bye!

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