Player Two

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"Player two joined." The blue fairy exclaimed. The fairy's voice was one that somebody would describe as high pitched and annoying. Awsten being that somebody. The fairy's voice sounded like a six year old girl that's had six or seven pixie sticks for breakfast. "Would you like to hear how to play?"

"Tell me that one of those goth kids slipped me a pill and this is all a hallucination or something." Awsten muttered, more to himself than Geoff or this tiny blue fairy creature. She reminded him vaguely of Thumbelina mixed with one of his little sister's Barbie fairy movies. Not that he ever watched them or anything. Awsten looked down at his hands, counting his fingers to ensure that this wasn't some type of bad dream. Unfortunately, he still had five fingers. This was reality. "Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke."

"It has to be a fucking joke. I'm never player two." Geoff was practically enraged in being put in a supporting role. In the entire history of his gaming career, he was never player two. He was never defense or support or healing. He was always leading or fighting or actually doing something.

"Would you like to hear how to play?" The blue-green fairy inquired, smiling at the pair of boys. She floated between the two of them, standing at about three inches tall.

"I'm serious!" Awsten huffed, crossing his well defined arms over his chest. He was thankful it had gotten cooler as the sun went down. He was sweating up a storm earlier all for the sake of fashion. He tried to keep himself covered as much as humanly possible during the summer to avoid the grotesque burn that came with the warmer months. It wasn't a smart idea but nobody ever looked cool with a sunburn.

"So am I! You couldn't be a player one if it fucking killed you." Geoff had this thing about meeting new people. Some people saw other people and immediately associated them with animals they look like, other people associated people with colors. Geoff mentally assigned people roles in video games the moment he met them. Awsten was meant to be a support. He should be casting buffs and healing people, not trying to take down the dragon.

"Would you like to hear how to play?" The blue fairy repeated. The smile remained on her face.

"Can you please fucking answer this pixie thing?" Awsten uncrossed his arms and began rubbing his temples. He felt one of his migraines coming on. They weren't an often occurrence but they were very strong. He had called out of work on more than one occasion because he wasn't able to handle the pain that came with dealing with the customers at the shop.

"It's a fairy asshole." Geoff ran a hand through his hair as he looked at the person he was supposed to be playing this game with. Awsten was shorter, even if it was only just by a couple inches. He looked like the kind of guy who would have a complex about it. Awsten already appeared to be one of those short, angry guys and Geoff wasn't having any of it. "Yes! Teach us how to play."

"Would you like to hear how to play?" The blue fairy continued despite the reply. Her smile was unwavering.

"He said yes." Awsten groaned loudly. It was just his luck that their game was already glitching.

"Fucking NPCs." Geoff glanced towards Awsten, almost expecting him to look confused at the term. When he wasn't, Geoff continued. "I think you have to say yes."

"Would you like to hear how to play?"

"Why? That doesn't make any sense. Your yes should be just as good as mine." Awsten wasn't super familiar with video games anymore. He went through a brief phase in his teen years with a couple of his friends but that all changed the second he picked up his guitar. He lost his love of video games and all of his same friends almost instantly.

"You're player one." Geoff rolled his eyes. He was cursed to play player two in death. He couldn't think of a worse possible punishment. Even hell sounded better to him than to follow around this uwu pastel prince soft boi named Awsten. "Player one controls the menu and option selection almost always." Whether Geoff liked it or not, the soft boi was calling the shots this time around.

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