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I made a ludicrous goal, back in April 2018: by the end of April 2019, I'd write one million words on the Internet, mostly on Wattpad and WordPress.

Why a million words?

Why Wattpad?

I want to learn how to write for a living nontraditionally; and I thought the best way to do that was set a high bar for my content production rate in non-traditional (read: not print) settings.

I don't like to spare quality. Edits, prewriting, drafting are still essential.

Online Platforms

I pictured every platform I used to write, research, and connect, and how each of them could contribute to the 1-million word goal:

♦ WordPress
♦ Facebook
♦ YouTube
♦ Instagram
♦ Patreon
♦ Paper.li
♦ Pinterest
♦ The Mighty (see external link)
♦ Online Literary Journals
♦ & Various One-time Reviews for Goods/Services.

Wattpad joined that list later in the 1-mil word challenge, when a student of mine recommended the app.

Solar System of Creative Projects

My online platforms were all connected to Kourtnie.net, my server—where I've kept online projects since the early aughts—so I visualized the grand 1-mil words like this:

If my server were a sun,
and these platforms were the planets,
which one would be Earth?
The moons?
Which are my creativity's protagonist, main characters, and supports?

I also started working on a RPG Maker Fes game that people could download on their 3DS. That still requires the Internet, and it's nontraditional, to say the least. That's an excellent example of a moon circling around a planet, a project I'll integrate into the sidebar of a blog.

What made a project a great, gravitational force, worthy of being a planet? What makes a mini-project more like a moon?

Writing 1-Mil Words in a Year

When I originally drew the goal in the sand, I thought I'd take myself to the finish line on the back of WordPress alone, since—before I moved to Fresno to earn my MFA in Creative Writing—I was a copyeditor, copywriter, and community manager, juggling WordPress with social media engines, search engines, forums, databases, and a bardic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

I wanted to return to those days of online production, using the tools I knew before, but with the streak of independence graduate school had afforded me.

Yet I also wanted to learn something new.

I liked (like?) to try new stuff.

Enter Wattpad, this new online platform I hadn't tried yet.

I decided to split my creative goals between WordPress and Wattpad, to give myself a new tool, a brand new shiny thing.

It's been three months since I joined Wattpad.

Favorite Things about Wattpad
3mo in

Wattpad contests are fun!—I never thought I'd write sonnets again, but there are sonnets in my creative writing treasure chest now. (Visit my profile and read An Island Honeymoon, "A Love Poem for the Lanai Cats," for an example.)

I don't expect to win the contests I enter; I see them as opportunities to respond to writing prompts while also rolling that 0.01% chance of a rare drop, like whelpling hunting in World of Warcraft.

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