Chapter 10: The Spartan

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Everyone is geared up, I'm equipped with a Carbine and my Arc's Wrath. Zikan is equipped with his Energy Sword and a Plasma Rifle. Our troops are equipped with Plasma rifles, Carbines and Energy swords.

As Jaune and his troops board the The Battlecruiser as it's starts ascending from the ground to the sky before leaving the Planet's atmosphere as a Jaune start to brief his troops of the extraction.

"Alright men, this mission today is an extraction mission, today we are going to rescue a...Spartan" Jaune briefed them as the Sangeheili troops recoil in shock while the Human and Faunus Elites looks confuse. "Yes, I know this is a shocker to the Sangheili and a dangerous mission to rescue a Spartan, but it's important that the UNSC will not see me as threat. We need to make sure that they won't come here and kill us." Jaune said.

"But Arcbiter, we're human...wouldn't that be enough for them to be convince that you're no longer apart of the Covenant?" One of his Human Specs Ops pointed out.

"Listen, the UNSC will think that this is some kind of trick, and doesn't help the fact that I'm consider a threat, after all I did glass many Colonies... so any more objections?

Jaune's troops glance each other as they look back at me.

"Good, now let's save ourselves a Spartan." Jaune declares with his 'Arc's Wrath' out.

After a few minutes of tense waiting the pilot informs them.

":/Arcbiter! We are nearing the UNSC frigate in a few seconds, be ready!/:" the Pilot informed us.

"Alright, get ready!" Jaune Announces as his troops gets ready.

As the boarding hatch of the CCS connects to the UNSC Frigate, the doors opens and instantly Jaune's squad starts securing the Area.

After a few seconds Jaune then gestures his squad to follow his lead. As they continue into the hallways with caution, they can see dead Marines and dead Covenant troops everywhere, all dead. The Human and Faunus Elites look at the window and can't help, but gawk at the view they are seeing. They can see their planet Remnant from space!

"It''s beautiful..." one of the Faunus Elites said with awe.

"...yeah..." one of the Human Elites said.

"Seeing they can accomplish the impossible... I'm glad we're apart of the Covenant's Arc." One of The Female Faunus Elites said.

"Hey!" The One of the Elites calls out breaking out of their thoughts. "Quit your chattering, and be cautious! Even though we're alone in this vessel, we should be always be alert! Understand?"

"Sorry, Sir!" They said in Unison.

"Good.." He said as they continue their way to the Spartan.

Jaune looks at his motion tracker constantly making sure that's there's no surprise ambush waiting for them. As they continue walking they come across a cryogenic room, Jaune looks at his motion tracker and sees one life signal inside.

"Guys, we're here... this is the place... proceed with caution." Jaune said sternly as his troops nods in response.

When they enter the Cryo Room they can see twelve cryo chambers, eleven of them all inactive while one is currently being used, which means the Spartan is inside.

"This is it... come on, help me carry this Cryo Chamber back to the CCS..."

"Yes Arcbiter!" Soon him and his troops starts detaching the Cryo Chamber and starts carrying to the CCS and back to one of Jaune's Medical Facilities in the "Arc's Light".

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