Chapter 10: The Spartan

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"A SPARTAN!?" Jaune exclaims in shock.

"Yes, Arcbiter inside that ship is a Spartan." Zikan replies

Jaune then looks at Zikan worried before muttering to himself.

"...This could be a problem..." Jaune mutters worriedly, as he is in deep thought.

Things are getting more shocking for Jaune right now, first his return to Remnant, second the truth behind the Halo Rings, third his sisters, fourth the arrival of shipmasters and now an UNSC frigate drifting in space with an ALIVE Spartan inside.

A Spartan, alone in an abandoned and destroyed UNSC frigate, drifting close to Remnant space! Being honest it shocked Jaune hearing about a UNSC Frigate being close to Remnant, which concerns him, even though it's abandoned and destroyed.

Though UNSC Spartans are not what worried Jaune, he did fought a few of them and killed a few aswell. Hearing Spartan is not Jaune's problem, since he had experience taking down Spartans. But what shook him is the fact an UNSC frigate is very close to Remnant Space. Destroyed or not, it concerns the Arc thinking that the UNSC will soon discover their location, he cannot take the risk of being discovered by his former enemies! And Jaune has many reasons why.

Ever since Jaune became FleetMaster and started glassing many of the UNSC colonies with so much success, The UNSC has placed a huge bounty on Jaune for, 9,000,000,000 Credits, which considers him the MOST dangerous Covenant FleetMaster to ever live along with Thel Vadam' being first, and it doesn't help the fact that Jaune is also human, which shocks the UNSC higher-ups when they discovered the FleetMaster himself is human.

The UNSC Higher-ups were wondering why a Human, like Jaune, is helping with the extermination of Humanity. But apart from helping the enemy and being human, Jaune is considered one of the most dangerous strategist during the war against the UNSC, he's strategies are so unpredictable, that the UNSC were caught off-guard before they know what could hit them, which marks him to be eliminated immediately.

There were multiple times Jaune was nearly Assassinated, but the shots only bounce off from him even taking a headshot, while still being alive. Many of the Covenant Soldiers and UNSC soldiers, and Jaune himself were wondering how Jaune survive those shots, Jaune thought it was the armor protecting him, but unknown to the Arc, it was his Aura protecting him. And thanks to that, Jaune is now more aware of any future assassination.

Now back to important matters at hand, Jaune then looks at Zikan with a serious expression.

"Zikan, I want you to prepare out an extraction team, we're bring that Spartan here at Crocea's Light." Jaune said as Zikan looks at him as if the Arcbiter has gone insane.

"Arcbiter, is that wise to do that? Remember the UNSC still has a bounty on you." Zikan reasoned.

"I know, but I think if we were able to get the Spartan to understand that I'm no longer part of Covenant there's a chance that he will not try to kill me. And plus if he sees humans co-existing among different races, then he will spare me and maybe join us." Jaune countered.

"And if he doesn't listen?" Zikan asked.

"He will... He will..." Jaune reassured him.

Zikan was skeptical, but nodded in understanding before leaving the office preparing a Squad for extraction.


Soon, Jaune, Zikan and his squad of Stealth Elites(that consist of Human, Faunus and Sangeheili) are heading to the CCS Battlecruiser so they can get the Spartan in the abandoned frigate.

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