Nighttime Accident

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Niall- Daddy
Zayn- Papa
Harry- 4
Louis- 3

Zayn and Niall sat up in bed with a start when they woke up to the sound of Louis crying loudly. It was the middle of the night; they hadn't been woken up at such an hour in a long time, which was a bit concerning.
"I'll take of care of it," Niall mumbled in a tired voice. Zayn nodded, immediately laying back down in the warm bed.

Niall entered the race car themed bedroom that belonged to his youngest, and frowned concertedly at the sight. Poor Louis was crying loudly into his hands, his blankets pushes mostly to the end of bed. As Niall moved closer to the boy, the smell of urine hit his nose, but he didn't want to embarrass the boy by confronting him right away.
"Hey, what's the matter, Loubear?" The papa asked, rubbing Louis' back a bit. Rather than replying, Louis snuggled into Niall's protective chest. He swung a leg over Niall's thigh, but immediately pulled back when he remembered the situation he was in.

"Oh, honey. Did you have an accident?" Niall asked softly, played with Louis' hair a bit as he felt the boy's wet pants on him for a second.
"M'sowwy," the poor boy cried.
"It's alright, love. Accidents happen, yeah? Shh," Niall cooed, rocking with the feathery haired boy.

Suddenly, Niall could hear the cries of Harry in the other room, probably being woken up from his brother's cries. Harry had always been a light sleeper. Before Niall could start stressing over his two crying kinds, he heard Zayn open Harry's door to comfort him, and he sighed in relief.

After a few more moments of soothing and cuddling from Niall, Louis had pretty much calmed down. He was still sniffling and had tear tracks on his face, but it was a significant improvement from when Niall first entered the room.
"Shall we get you cleaned up now, Lou?" Niall asked with a peck to the boy's forehead. Louis nodded, so Niall scooped him up and started carrying him to the bathroom.

When they walked into the hallway, they saw Zayn with a red eyed Harry on his hip.
"What happened?" Niall asked, stroking Harry's cheek with his finger. He figured it was what he guessed earlier, but he just wanted to make sure.
"He just got scared from Lou's crying, huh, baby?" the raven haired man cooed, stroking Harry's curly locks.
"Ah. Well, I'm going to go get Louis cleaned up. Can you take care of the sheets, please?." the blonde asked, not wanting to embarrass his youngest. Besides, the wet spot was pretty visible on Louis, so he figured Zayn had already put the pieces together.

"Sure. Let me just get Haz situated in bed again." the four then dispersed, and Niall entered the bathroom.

"Okay, Lou. Do you want a bath, or should I just use a wash cloth?" Niall wasn't surprised when Louis picked the wash cloth, as the the boy three-year-old was not a huge fan of baths. "Can you get undressed while I get everything ready?" Louis started getting undressed. He needed a little bit of help with his shirt, and Niall could see the beginning of a small rash on his bits and bum. The Irish man sighed at that, as he knew it made the boys fussy when they had a rash.

Niall found the softest cotton wash cloth he could find.
"This may hurt a bit, but I'll try to be gentle," Niall said, before gently starting to clean Louis's bits.
"O-Owieee, Daddy!" Louis cries out, trying to move away from Niall.
"I'm sorry baby, but I need to get you cleaned up. You don't want a rash, do you?" he asked rhetorically. Luckily, that seemed to convince the boy. Niall started cleaning him again. Even though the boy cried a bit, he kept still for his daddy.

"Good job, Loulou! Cream now," Niall praised, grabbing the cream a squirting a bit into his hands.
"Good boy," Louis mumbled as Niall began spreading the cream all over his bits, bum and thighs. Once he was finished, Niall put a pull-up on the boy just to be safe, and though Louis whined a bit, he seemed to tired to put up a fight.

"Can I sleep wif you an' Papa?" the boy asked cutely, and Niall of course couldn't refuse. When he entered the room again, he saw Harry in the bed as well, sleeping as he cuddled with Zayn. Niall figured he had put up a fight when Zayn tried to put him to bed, so he just brought him to their room.
"Hazzy here, too!" Louis whispered, and Niall nodded as he kissed the boy's cheek and lowered him the bed, then getting in after.

"Goodnight, Lou. I love you,"

"G'nigh, Daddy. Love you too!"

Author's Notes-

This wasn't a request, but it was half written so I decided to finish this.

I don't want to say I'm taking a break, because I'll still be writing, but updates may be slow for awhile. Right now I just feel like writing these is a task, and I don't want to feel that way because I love writing. So, requests may be a bit slow until I find some inspiration again and then I'll finish the requests.

Hope you enjoyed and please check out Being the Kings' Little


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