C H A P T E R 5

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C H A P T E R 5


 Finding Ava is #85 in teen fiction (that means so much to me), I'm posting this.



Sky dresses me into a small blue top and black jeans. She also lends me her hairbrush so I can battle my unruly hair. Noticing my obvious struggle, Sky takes the brush from me and orders me to turn around.

"Your hair is really silky," she comments. I nod my head stiffly. I don't receive compliments that often so I literally have no idea how to react. She then turns me around to face her with amused eyes. "You don't get out much do you?"

How did you guess? I wanted to ask her but didn't. There are moments when I feel confident and when I'm not feeling that, I'm feeling shy and reserved. I feel comfortable around Sky, despite the fact she's claiming werewolves exist, so I don't feel too shy around her but even I have my limits. Giving a snarky response isn't me.

"Well," Sky starts, brushing off my silence. "You should know you look stunning, with and without make-up. You have one hot body and such strong features, you should own it."

"But I'm not confident. People like confidence," I reply.

Sky places her hands on my shoulders lightly and stares at me dead in the eye. "Quinn, no matter what people say, you're gorgeous. Confident or not. I already know somebody who will love how you look--confident or not."

"Who?" I ask her quickly, incredibly curious as to who this could be. My mother was the only person who said I was beautiful.

Sky smirks and shakes her head, "spoilers."

My eyes narrow at her answer. What is with all of this secrecy? What are they hiding other than they are supposedly werewolves?

Speaking of werewolves, I think I should question Sky on them and see how far she'll go. I mean, how big can this lie really be? What is the real reason I'm here? That whole mate thing has to be a lie--just like the existence of werewolves.

"Sky," I say in a timid voice.

"Yeah?" She asks, stepping away from me. She glides over to a large table and sits down on the seat, putting her hairbrush down on the table neatly. I watch her precise actions, the way she does everything so gracefully but with ease. I'm a klutz, always have been and always will be. Half the time, I'm tripping over my own two feet. It makes me envious of her even more.

"What can you tell me about werewolves?" I inquire, lowering myself onto the small seat close to me. Sky's eyes light up at my question and she sits up even straighter, with a smile. "Not that I'm saying I believe or accept any of it but you know, I'm curious ab--"

"I get it," Sky cuts in, saving me from embarrassing myself with my ramblings. "I do and I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

She turns on her chair to face my direction and smiles encouragingly at me.

I take a deep breath, shifting in my seat to get more comfortable. "You said I was going to be one of you. You said I was going to be a new member of your...pack."

Sky gives me a brief nod of the head, "well, you were bitten by a werewolf. Not everyone that gets bitten survives the process. You have to have a werewolf gene in you somewhere, dominant or recessive. I'm guessing someone in your family a long time ago was a werewolf and ended up having human children who had human children etcetera etcetera." Sky pauses, to let me process the information. Wow, if this is true, then someone in my family was a werewolf. That's...insane--and cool.

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