The Great Divide Part 1

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The vegetation slowly faded as we flew further. It was replaced by rocks and dry earth. "Maybe we should have should stop here." I called over. "Peper's tired." Aang nodded, and together, we flew everyone safely to the ground.

"what about the tarp?" Katara asked, her hands on her hips as she watched Sokka put up the tent. "It's dry season." He shrugged, wrapping the tarp around himself. "Plus, it makes a pretty good blanket."
"But what if it rains." Katara asked. "and what if it doesn't? I would of put the tarp up for nothing and I would be cold during the night"

Katara stomped in anger. "You're so infuriating!" she huffed, gritting her teeth. "why don't you focus more on your fire." Sokka said smugly, looking down at the heap of small pieces of wood in her arms. "At least the tent is up." He pointed a little too proudly towards the tent.

"Well, if you want the wood, than have it!" Katara threw the wood towards Sokkas feet and crossed her arms tightly. "And if you want to complain about the tent, then..." Sokka yanked the rope connecting the tent to the ground, causing the whole thing to collapse onto the dusty floor.

"Well, I got the grub!" Aang called, walking towards the broken campsite. "Guys! What happened to the tent? And the fire?" he turned towards me and I shrugged, unloading more supplies from the saddle. "Sibbling rivalry." I answered and I got a hard stare from both Sokka and katara. "It's not my fault he/she's not doing their job!" They both cried at the same time.

"OK." Aang said, trying to keep in a laugh at their pathetic squabbling. "why don't you just swap jobs?" the pair looked dumbfounded at the simple answer. "Sounds good to me." Katara said, walking towards the fallen tent. "Same here." Sokka agreed, marching towards the sticks, wanting to make a fire as quick as katara can build the tent.

"And the avatar does it again." Aang congratulated with a self satisfied smile. "can the avatar catch this?" I asked, haulling the last blanket from appa's saddle and throwing it down it him. It crashed and he fell to the floor with a thump. "the avatar needs more training." I laughed, jumping down from appa as he rubbed his bruised head.

After feeding the bison and eating dinner, everyone snuggled up for bed. "Come on guys, let's go!" Aang cried, whizzing around to pack up the equipment. The sun was barely up but he was so energetic. He packed up the camp in two minutes and had us walking east, towards the sun.

"Here it is." Aang said as we came to a stop. "The great divide." in front of us was the biggest canyon in the world. It looked beautiful, especially with the sun rise in the background. "It's amazing." Katara whispered as she looked over. "I don't know." Sokka shrugged. "I've seen better." Katara turned on her brother and started to argue. "How can you not be fascinated by this?" Katara asked, throwing her hands forward. "I'll be more fascinated from the air, where we will be flying from it."

Katara fumed and Sokka matched it with a stubborn grunt. Suddenly, a man with white robes rudely pushed past Sokka. "If you're here for the mountain guide, my tribe is first." He demanded aggressively. "Canyon guide?" Katara asked with her hands clasped together in hope. "that sounds informative."
"He's more than a tour guide. He's an earth bender and the only way in or out of this canyon, and my tribe is first."

I turned around to where he pointed and saw a small group of posh looking people in white and light blue robes.
The guy was still yamering on about how his tribe would be next and Sokka stopped him with a loud groan. "Look, we know you're next, so just calm down."
"Calm down!" the man exclaimed. "Would you calm down if the fire nation took away everything you loved? If your entire tribe had to trek thousands of miles to get to Ba Sing se?"

"Your refugees." I said and he turned to me. "Tell me something I don't know." he snapped. A bigger group of people came into view from another path. They wore animal skins and looked generally unkept. "Is that your tribe?" Sokka asked and a look of disgust shot through the man's face. "That is the zhang tribe. A bunch of low-life thieves. They've been an enemy of out tribe for hundred of years."

A large woman stepped out from the crowd. She directed her tribe forward, it was obvious she was the leader. "Where is the rest of the Gan Jin, still tiding up their campsite?" she asked mockingly but the scout of Gan Jin didn't catch on. "Yes, they sent me ahead to hold a spot." he said matter-of-factly. "Well, I didnt know the guide took reservations."
"Well of course you didn't. You Zhangs are so unorganised and ill-prepared for journeys."

The Zhang tribe began to growl and grumble. A mob was beginning to form and I turned to Aang to do something. He wore a worried expression as he tried to think of a way to calm them down.

Suddenly, the rocks underneath our feet began to quiver and shake, and even Momo's pile of nuts wobbled. The ground was splitting apart and an old but well built man came into view in green clothing and a straw hat.

"Who's ready to cross the good old canyon?" he asked with a smile, motioning to the great divide. "My party was here first!" The scout cried. "They're on their way!" The guide shrugged. "I can't guide people who aren't here." He said truthfully and the woman from the Zhang tribe cheered. "Guess you'll have to make the trip tomorrow." She shrugged with a fake tone of sorrow. She began walking forward, her tribe following.

"Wait! Here they come!" Over triple of the original Gan Jin group glided over. They all wore elegant white and light blue clothing and held themselves in a posh manner. "You're not really going to give into these spoiled Gan Jins?" The Zhang leader asked. The guide looked torn and flustered. He held his hands out in a gesture of surrender. "Well.... I.... Um...."

An older man stepped forward from the Gan Jin tribe and stood next to the scout. He seemed to be the leader. "We have elderly people who are weary from traveling."
"We have sick people, which over rules elderly."
"Maybe if you Zhangs weren't such slobs..."
"Maybe your people wouldnt of got so old if you Gan Jin's werent so..."

"Enough!" I yelled, stepping forward. "I understand that you've been feuding for over a hundred years, but surely you can come up with a comprise, like sharing the guide-"

"Absolutely not!" Both tribes cried. I looked back at Aang as they began arguing again. "I need some of your peace making skills, avatar." I said and he shrugged with a nervous smile. Katara stepped forward and whistled loudly.

"Alright, Listen up!" She called over all the voices. They stopped and turned. "This is the avatar and I'm sure, if you give him a chance, he can come up with a solution."

Aang hesitated before stepping forward. "Anaya is right, why don't you share the guide?" He asked and an explosion of arguments set off in front of him. Each tribe was pointing at the other, unwilling to travel together.

"Alright!" Aang cried. I turned and felt a sense of frustration build up inside of me. I guess the way Aang saw it, was that if he couldn't break up a small feud, how could he stop a war. I couldn't blame him. Its what anyone would feel.

"here's the deal! Both of your tribes are going down together and Appa and Peper will fly your sick and elderly across. Does that seem fair?"

After thinking it over, the two leaders gave a grudging nod of approval. I huddled with the rest of the team to work out who would be going where. "OK, I'll safe guide the bison, plus, Peper doesn't have a saddle, so I need to watch over them." I said and they nodded in agreement. "when you've reached the end, come back to find us." Sokka said. "Leave the bison with the sick and elderly, if anything happens, they could protect them."

After that, we agreed that Katara would watch over the Gan Jin tribe, Sokka would watch over the Chang tribe and Aang would be in the middle with the guide.

Aang and I singled out the sick and elderly and helped them up on the bison. The stronger looking ones sat on Peper while the more frail people sat on the saddle. Aang whispered some words of encouragement into Appas ear before saying "Yip yip!" With one last look at the tribes, I grasped the reigns. "Yip yip." I called and Peper began to follow appa. How was Aang going to keep peace with a feud like that?

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