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6:00 Am




I woke up with Tye laying next to me. I smiled and Just admired her beauty. I am so lucky to have her in my life. I got out the bed and made my way to Tye's room to check on Vee.
I went in the room and She was already up and dressed. She smiled at me and Walked up to me and gave me a hug.
"I'm not mad at you I promise. It wasn't your fault. You didn't do what he did." I smiled
"So you taking me to school or I'm Riding my bike" I looked at her clock. "School doesn't start til 8:30. Go back to sleep I'll make you breakfast. She nodded and Got back in the bed as I turned the light out.
I exited the room and Saw Tye there smiling.
"See I knew she didn't hate you." I smiled and Kissed her lips.
7:00 am
"Zaye Shouldn't you be getting ready to make breakfast." She says Tryna wake me up. I groaned. "Alright"
I went downstairs and Took our Sausages and Waffles. I Rinsed off the toaster and Plugged it in.
Moments later Vee came in and started helping with Breakfast. I smiled. "Shouldn't you be asleep or On Instagram or something." She laughed .
"I miss the times when we use to make breakfast for mama and Mess up the kitchen." I laughed. "We were so young". 

I smiled "yeah those were the good ole days." 

After we ate We washed our plates and I took her to school. 




I got to school and everybody was staring. I rolled my eyes and made it ti my locker. A group of girl's walked up to me and was just staring. "THE FUCK Y'ALL STARING AT?" I slammed my locker and pushed past them. I went to my bathroom and saw a whole bunch of girls in there passing around a video on their phones. The looked at  me laughed and walked out. "She not really gay" I heard somebody say.  

I grabbed her by her cheap ass Weave and slammed her on the ground. "And bitch you not really cute with these nappy ass tracks in your head. I punched her in the stomach and Kicked her face in . I turned around and her friends were gone. Scary ass hoes. I waked out And the principal was standing there. "Tayvia, to my office now!" I shrugged my shoulders and walked past her. 


"Listen Tayvia, you cant keep getting into these fights. One more time an you will be expelled from this school distrit.  Bus as of now you're suspended For 2 days. I Shrugged. "That bitch with the cheap asss 50 cent weave need to learn how to stay in her place period."  She sighed and Picked up the phone. "Imma have to call your sister." 

A/N: This chapter was short I just haven't updated in forever  


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