Jaime Preciado: Nice Aim

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"I'm bored." Jaime whined sitting on the chair inside the bus. We were on tour with a bunch of other bands and 

"Good for you." I said, I was sitting on the couch upside down next to Mike. He was throwing a hackey sack in the air and we were taking turns catching it. Jaime reached over and poked Mike in the face. 

"Fuck off, Jaime." Mike said. I smacked his shoulder.

"Be nice." I scolded playfully. He rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Storm, whatever you say." He said sarcastically.

"Hey, I did not order sarcasm with my morning, thank you very much." I told him. 

"I'm bor-AHHH" I looked over to see Jaime had got hit in the face with the hackey sack. 

"Shut UP Jaime!" Mike said. I laughed and Jaime glared and threw it at him, but Mike ducked and it hit me in the eye. 

"Son of a bitch!" I yelled and fell off the couch. I held my hand over my eye and I started to feel tears forming.

"Holy shit, I'm so sorry!" My eye was throbbing and I raced to the bathroom and shut the door. I looked in the mirror and saw the skin around my eye was starting to become slightly purple and red. My mascara was running because of the tears and I sat on the sink and wiped my eyes gently. This hurt more than it should, but that was only because I had a crush on Jaime. I have ever since I started working as their manager, which was a year ago. 

"Storm?" I heard him pound on the door. 

"Go away!" I yelled at him. I knew it was an accident but I didn't want him to see me right now. I stared into the mirror again and saw my usual brown eyes were filled with tears and were turning a little red. 

"No, I want to apologize." He said. 

"You already did." 

"Well, face to face." I sighed and covered my eye with my hand, and walked out of the small bathroom. Jaime was standing there with a guilty look on his face. "Let me see." He said, moving my hand. He winced himself and grabbed a towel from the bathroom, put it under cold water and gently put it on my eye. "I am so so so SO sorry." He apologized for the millionth time. "Can you forgive me?" He pouted. I sighed, I knew I couldn't resist those puppy dog eyes and that pout. 

"Whatever." I mumbled.

"Aw come on, it was just aiming issues."

"Yeah, well your aim sucks." 

"Clearly." He laughed lightly. "Believe me this hurts me too." He said. I looked at him dubiously, really, it had hurt him? I doubt that, he wasn't the one getting smacked in the face with a small ball full of sand. 

"Oh does it? How could it possibly hurt you. Are you getting smacked with balls a lot?" I winked. He let out a strangled laugh and looked at me with an emotion I couldn't place in his eyes. "Jaime? That was a joke you know." I said.

"I know, it's just that.. it hurts me to see you in pain. Especially when I'm the one who caused it." He said, looking down at his hands. 

"I'm fine, it's alright." I said.

"You're not fine! Look at your eye!" He motioned to it.

"Well, I can't really see my eye can I?" He pursed his lips and let out a long breath. 

"I wish I had better aim, then I wouldn't have ruined your beautiful face." He mumbled.

"What's wrong with my face?" I asked him. "Does it look that bad?!" I demanded. I tried not to focus on the fact that he just told me my face was beautiful. 

"It looks fine..ish, you don't look any less breathtaking!" He explained quickly. That one I couldn't ignore.

"You..you think I'm breathtaking?" I whispered. He blushed and opened his mouth to say something , but closed it quickly. 

"I..Well. I yeah, I do." He said softly. I smiled widely at him. "Ow, Mike!" Jaime yelled, turning around. Mike had thrown the hackey sack at the back of his head.

"Kiss her already dumbass!" Mike said and I laughed. Jaime rubbed the back of his head and leaned in closely to me and kissed my gently. "Well now we know that you can at least hit one type of target." Mike mumbled. I laughed and looked into Jaime's eyes. 

"Nice aim, if I do say so myself." I smiled and he rolled his eyes and kissed me again.

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