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Eric P.O.V

It's been three years since the kids were born. I have bought a nice house a little whiles a way, away from Bills so I can have my kids come over. Today is the day I get my kids over. Im closing fangtasia tonight and am going to bring them there so they can meet Pam and Terra.

"Daddy!" Monica yells as she runs into my arms.

"Hey sweet heart, you ready to have fun tonight." I asked and she nodded.

"Dad!" Cedric says as he runs at me. I scoop him up and hold them together in my arms.

"Just have them back before sunrise." Sookie says kissing my cheek. I nod and take off with my twins.

I put them in the backseat of my Bentley and drive to fangtasia. When we get there it's empty besides Pam and Tera.

"Pamela, Terra. I have two people I want you to meet. Cedric, Monica come here." the twins came out and the girls looked shocked.

"Why did you bring children here and close down tonight." Pam asked.

"These children are mine and I closed down so I could spend time with them, right guys?"i asked them.

"Yes daddy." Monica said with her cute little dimples.

"Wait a minute. These children are actually yours?" Terra asked.

"Yes." I calmly replied.

"Whose their mother?" terra asked again.

"Sookie." I say. Both gasp and look from them to me. So I turn to the kids.

"Hey Monica why don't you go play dress up with Auntie Pam. And we can watch TV out here till you get back." I offer.

"Ok dad." they say at the same time.

Pam glares at me before taking Monica back to her closet. "She kinda looks like you." Cedric says. I just chuckle and pick him up.

Lately I haven't been the same, when the children turned 2 Sookie said that she chose to be with Bill. I cried for that entire day. By nightfall I wanted to die but then I saw the faces of my angels, I couldn't leave them, especially now when they needed me most. I rushed to Sookies house and I spent the night watching them. To be truthful I never really liked Henry or Emma, they remind me too much of Sookie's decision. So here I am watching Pam almost cry when Monica tripped and got dust all over Pam's Blue dress.

"How do I look daddy?" Monica asked.

"Like a princess." I say with a smile. She beams and hugs Pam.

"Thank you auntie Pam for the dress." I can see Pam struggling to find out what she should do. I laugh at the situation.

"Come on guys, it's almost 12 and your mother will stake me if were late." I tell them.

"Ok, bye auntie, bye miss Terra." Monica waves as I puck her and Cedric up.

When we get to Sookies place, bill is on the porch next to her talking.

"Mommy, we met nice ladies today." Cedric yells running into his mothers arms.

"Yeah and Auntie Pam gave me this dress." Monica says.

"Wow you must be really special if Pam gives you one of her dresses. Come inside I made dinner." She beacons.

They run into the house with Henry and Emma. I give them a hug good bye and head back to my home.

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