Chapter two

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Aerwyna Cassandra's POV

We were walkig down a stone hallway inside the tourist office thingy. I've got to admitt, it is bigger on the inside. we stopped in front of a huge Metal wheel, and Jack tuched a buton and the wheel rolled to the side as a siren whent of. We walked through the dor and entered a big open room.

'' This is our hub, and this is where...'' Jack said before he was interupted.

'' Jack!'' A dark haired woman shouted and ran to Jack and gave him a big hug.

'' Hi Gwen.'' Jack replied casually.

'' Who's that?'' A brown haired man said, pointing at me.

'' Everyone, this is my niece. She's gonna work with us for a while.'' Jack replied to the man's question.

'' Hello, my name is Aerwyna Casandra Harkness, but call me Cass.'' I said while looking at the others.

'' Hi, I'm Gwen.'' Said the woman that hugged Jack earlier.

'' I'm Owen'' Said the man who had asked who I was.

'' I'm Toshiko, but you can call me Tosh.'' Said the other dark haired woman.

'' And I'm Ianto.'' Said the last of the men in the group. I looked at Jack, and he looked back at me before he walked in front of his team.

'' Welcome to Torchwood, Cass! ''


'' Thanks for the tour uncle Jack.'' Isaid to him after he had showed me the intire hub.

''Soo.. Wwhat do you think?''

'' I've got to admit, it's bigger on the inside.'' I replied while looking at him. He laughed at my coment and we stood there laughing for a while.

''Jack! We've got a Weavel on the loose, 2 miles away from here.'' Tosh shouted from behind her computer. Jack ran over to her and looked at the screen.

''Owen and Gwen, can you handle this? I have to start training Cass.'' Jack ordered.

'' Sure boss.'' Owen answered before turning to Gwen.

'' You ready?''

'' 'Course I'm ready.'' they jogged out of the hub and dissapered through the big metal wheel.

'' Come here Cass, let's see what you've got then.'' Jack said and guided me to the training room.


'' So, how much do you know about fighting?'' Jack asked while lokking at me.

'' I know a thing or two, When I was a kid, back on Gallifrey, my parents made me take a self defence class. they said it would be best if i knew how to defend myself, and that i would thank them one day. And now I'm very glad they made me do it.'' I replied as I looked back at Jack.

'' Have you ever used a gun before?''

'' No, you know what my father think about guns. Did you really think yhat he would let me use one?''

'' No, it's like I thought... Then thats what we're gonna train you to do.'' He walked over to a table and waved at me to come.

'' Allthogh I hope you never have to use it... Pick out a gun that suits you.''

I picked up a Black gun that fitted nicely in my hand.

'' Thats a K40, it's a good choice.'' Jack commented, befor starting my lesson.


After almost two hours of gun practice I had tried 15 different guns, and I ended up with the K40 as my personal gun. I took the gun with me back to the main room looking for Jack, I wanted to tell him wich gun I chose. Jack had gone out a little while ago to <<get something>> as he said.

'' Hi Cass, how did it go?'' Owen asked from the lab, Iwalked over to him and sat down.

'' It went well, I ended up with this K40, and I took it with me to tell Jack, but he's gone. Do you know where he went?''

'' Yeah, Jack and Ianto went out to fetch something for you a little while ago, I think they'll be back soon.'' Right when Owen had finnished his sentence, the siren that signalized that the dor was opening, went off. Jack and Ianto came in with a small package. I stood up and walked calmly over to him and showed him the gun.

'' I chose this one, it's the one I got the best result with.'' I said, trying to sound profesional.

'' I figured that you would end up with that one so I bought you this.'' Jack said and gave me the package. I t was a holster for my gun.

'' Thank you som much Jack!'' I jumped up and hugged him.

'' Ianto helped me pick it out.'' Jack whispered in my ears. I let go of Jack and turned to face Ianto.

'' And thank you for helping him.'' I said to Ianto and gave him a hug aswell. This had turned into one of the best days of my life. And I can't wait untill tomorrow when I start working with the others propperly.

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