prologue/alt story

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(Note: in this story i have to change The story of The pokemon anime a little. It might be a hugh change but its something that needs to be done for the plot.  

It is maybe a lot to take in but i Will try my best.

So we all(maybe not everyone) remember that in The original pokemon season it is mentioned that four trainers left pallet Town on a Journey. However we only know about two of Them (ash and Gary). In this story i Will have The two others appear.

Both trainers is childhood friends of ash and Gary.
The first being red. Reds goal is Just The same as ash's goal(become a pokemon master). The second trainer is leaf. Leaf's goal was(keyword was) The same as ash and red's goal However it changed to Just travelling and see as many pokemon she Can.(i know it is lame but how should i know what goal a female trainer would have?)
Ash, red, Gary and leaf were best friends until ash and Gary had their falling out over The pokeball. On that Day Ash Red and Leaf stayed friends while Gary left Them.
Later before They turned ten years old Red and Ash told each other They wanted to travel together. however the day the Three is going to get their Pokemon is the first episode of Pokemon. Red waits impatiently for Ash and desides to get his Pokemon first.

Red chose a Charmander as his starter. later Leaf showed up and chose Bulbasaur as her starter and lastly Gary snatched Squirtle. Ash however like in the anime got Pikachu instead. after talking to Red and Leaf the Three deside its better to advance seperatly to get stronger individually.

And so Ash's anime moments happen. He almost dies because of a Spearow horde. He destroys Misty's bike and catches Pokemon like he did in the anime.

Red on the other hand is faster and catches Pokemon a little easier. he captures a Pidgey, Mankey, Caterpie and a Pikachu before he comes to Pewter city. Leaf on the other hand is a step behind Red and one step before Ash. Leaf Catches a Spearow, Weedle and a Zubat(note The zubat was caught during nighttime).

Red is the second of the four trainers to Reach Pewter city and so he Challenges Brock before either Leaf or Ash has caught up to him. he wins by using a tactic that threw Brock of guard.

When Leaf arrives She meets up With Red and Challenges Brock herself. she wins and gets the badge(after slapping Brock for trying to flirt With her). The two then runs into Ash and Misty while going to the Pokemon center.

Ash then Challenges Brock and is crushed by his Onix. Red and Leaf watched the Battle and both were essential in keeping Ash from stopping his Journey. After Ash has charged up Pikachu he fights Brock one more time. he somehow beats Geodude With Pikachu and realeases water from the roof(note i don't know what its called) witch weakens Onix. Ash however as the good hearted trainer he is forfeits to win a fair match instead.

Red and Leaf catches up to him and they deside to help each other to become stronger. However Brock shows up and gives Ash the Boulder badge. after Brock's father Flint takes charge of the gym Brock begins his travels With Ash, Misty, Red and Leaf.

And so they travel together, fight for badges and grows the bond with each other. but after the fourth gym badge Red and Leaf decides to split up from the Group as they want to become stronger alone. Ash has a Battle before they split and ends up getting a Draw against both of his childhood friends(He still met Serena and Red often teases him for it).

Later Ash meets Red and Leaf in Viridian city when both have defeated Team Rocket for the Earth badge. Ash wins to and they enter the Indigo League. It goes good With all Three advancing from the first round.

Red however is pitted against Leaf while Ash has his famous(or Infamous?) Battle against Ritchie. Ash loses because of his Charizard. Red wins due to being better at using speed to his advantage against Leaf. But Red also loses thanks to his opponent outsmarting him With raw Power in the next round.

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