♡Love At First Call|Part Three♡

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You walked into your flat, tossing your bag onto the sofa. Slipping off your shoes, you let out a loud groan as you stretched your feet. After a moment, you made your way into your bedroom - only to jump slightly as your telephone rang.

A small smile formed on your face when you heard this. You rushed over to the device, and picked up the receiver - holding it to your ear.


"Hello," you heard the voice chuckle, and for some reason, it sounded familiar.

"Joseph!" you laughed. "Ugh, it's so nice to talk to you again. How was your day?" you sat at the edge of your bed.

You heard him sigh before speaking.

"Pretty crazy," he responded. "How was yours?"

"You will not believe what happened to me today!" you exclaimed.

"Ooh, do tell,"

"I met Michael Jackson!" you squealed. "He was everything I would have imagined him to be! It was pretty crazy,"

However, instead of being met with a response, silence greeted you - making you frown a little.

"Joseph?" you questioned.

"Oh, sorry," he breathed. "I just...got a little distracted,"

You laughed before hearing Joseph sigh. Something about his sudden change in behavior, was beginning to make you feel uneasy.

"Are you okay?" you spoke after a long minute.

"Dawn...I...want us to meet," he sounded troubled. "There's something about me that you should know,"

You hesitated, wondering if it was all too early to say yes. But then again, life was too short to waste, so you agreed.

"Where?" you smiled.

"At the local park, tomorrow," he whispered . "At nine in the morning,"


Once Joseph had hung up, you had had an uneasy night. All throughout, you were cold and anxious, worried about the meet up with the man.

In fact, you were convinced that you hadn't gotten any shut eye.

Hence, there were puffy bags under your eyes the next morning - but you didn't care. You were so excited.

You ran your fingers through your loose hair, staring at yourself in the mirror. Several minutes passed before you were finally satisfied with your look.

Grabbing your keys, you walked out of the flat. Since the park was nearby, you simply walked. After all, exercise is good for the heart.

After about half an hour, you reached the park - looking around you. Kids were playing, and families were gathered - the sound of laughter filling the air.

It made you happy.

A moment later, you heard a voice from behind you.


I know it sucked, I'm sorry!
Lemme know your thoughts!
Lots of love!

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