Liam Payne's Daughter!

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HEYA! IT'S ME AGAIN!! sorry i deleted but i got a idea but it was for a different story but same everything get me? no, ok. well get on with the story then!! OH YEAH btw imma call myself bubbles cause my sister calls me that -_- but yeah i got used to the name so yeah...BUBBLES!! and imma call the main character in the story bubbles aswell :D

Bubbles :P xx


Let me introduce myself. I'm 5 years old and my name's Taylor Claire Payne (A.K.A bubbles!) and i know what the hell your thinking 'PAYNE, WHAT, HER LAST NAME'S PAYNE?!' ...yeah i get that a lot :/ My dad is indeed Liam Payne, 1/5th of One Direction, the rest of the boys are like my uncles and my mum is Danielle Peazer/Payne but she isn't alive anymore. She lost her life 4 years ago in a car crash, and my big brother Andy James Payne who was 7 sadly died because of cancer 1 year ago. We all miss them, LOADS!, but we've gotta stay strong for each other. Louis' girlfriend Eleanor is like another auntie too me, i love her loads aswell. OKAY enough of the introduction!!

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