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As soon as I got home, I hopped in the shower to get a peaceful sleep and calm my muscles. But my excitement was short lived when the water became ice cold.

I get dressed in my night suit, put on my favourite body oil, and then get under the cold sheets of my bed.


"Ughhhhhhh," I groan loudly. "What is it, Drew?" I shout back to my brother.

"There's someone at the door!"

"Then go checkout!"

"I can't leave my game! I've made it to level 20 after struggling so hard! You have to take it!"

Sometimes I wish Mom and Dad lived with us, just so they could do little stuff for me like check the door and stuff. But they don't, so I drag myself downstairs, and on my way shoot daggers at Drew.

He's 19, but behaves like a 5 year old. I hope he goes to college or gets married because he's no help to me at all. The only thing he does is create a ton of mess.

My face falls in disapproval upon seeing the boy standing at my doorstep. Danial Paul.

"Whatever it is, save it for tomorrow. I'm tired. Bye." I begin closing the door but he steps in his foot.

"Wait wait," he speaks in a hurry. "I have a huge favour to ask, Myra."

There goes my attention.

"How do you know my name? You knew it in class also, and I remember I never told you," I point out, examining his face. The way his eyes are scanning every inch of my face, for a second, just for a second I let myself believe he is Xavier.

I can never forget those gorgeous, sparkling eyes. I'd be a total liar to say I didn't wait for him for years, didn't count the days, months, years he'd been gone for. We were best friends for 3 years, always playing together, fighting, spending half of the day with him. I could never forget the days I cried non stop.

"I-I umm-"

"Who is it? God, I literally had to leave my game," Drew says, stepping beside me.

I look up at my brother and sigh. He eyes Danial curiously but stays silent. "He's Danial, new here, and our neighbour," I inform Drew, waving a hand at Danial. Danial offers Drew a hand which he shakes without hesitating.

"And how can we help you?" Drew asks him.

Danial's gaze travels from my brother to his house, then back at us. He runs a hand through his mess of blonde hair, saying, "I live with my buddies, but they locked me out, my punishment for ditching them for my school friends." There's a pause and then, "Do you guys mind if I sleep over at your house?"

"No!" I yell, at the same time my brother says, "Yes."

With narrowed eyes, I say, "No, sorry but you cannot."

Danial's face falls but he stays silent.

"You can, now we cannot let our new neighbour sleep on the road, can we, sister?" Drew mocks with a boyish grin.

Danial's lips twitch at the corners.

"Fine. Do whatever you want to," I mutter, going back inside.

I hear them both chuckle but I just calm down by rolling my eyes on the way up.

I haven't even closed my eyes when someone knocks on the door.

For God's sake, it's 2 in the morning and nobody's letting me sleep!

"Yes?" I bark, annoyed.

"May I come in, Ma'am?" The door flies open before I even say yes.

I sit up straight upon seeing the silhouette of a boy. I'm sure we all know who's that boy.

I watch him walk over to the dressing from where he stitches on the lights.

I blink a few times to adjust to the brightness. He takes a seat on the edge of my bed.

I frown. "How did you know where the switch board was?"

His mouth parts slightly and he looks away. Soon there's a grin forming on his lips.

"Lucky guess."

Somehow, I am not satisfied with his answer. He knows things he isn't supposed to know, and trusts us like old friends. But I don't bring up my observations.

"How can I help you?" I ask.

His eyes roam around my room, stopping on my dressing table. He gets up and crosses the room, picking up the frame which holds a million pictures of me and Xavier. Well, not exactly million but around a lot. It was a gift from mom on my 7th birthday. She literally made a collage of us and its perfect. I smile a sad smile and blink back the tears forming in my eyes.

He caresses the frame with his thumb, and I watch him smile in the mirror. "Who's this?" he asks.

He looks over his shoulder, still with his lips curved. "Xavier. He used to be my best friend." I half laugh.

He's no longer smiling. "Where is he now?"

I shrug casually. "Who knows. He just left without a word. I don't even know if he's alive."

"Do you miss him?"

"Yeah, yeah I do. A lot, actually."

"Do you hate him for leaving?"

I stare blankly at him. "I don't know, honestly."

All I get is a nod from him. He sighs heavily and walks to my door without making eye contact. I keep on staring at him just to see that smirk of his. Okay. . . Are you feeling fine, Myra! This is Danial Paul, your annoying neighbour and the boy you are currently hating.

"I guess I'll just take the couch," he murmurs in a low, sad voice and the walks out.


Ugh. What time is it? Why am I suddenly so thirsty?

The clock on my wall reads 4 am. With half closed eyes, I manage to walk myself to the kitchen without tripping over my feet and falling flat on my face.

On my way I see Danial sleeping on the couch with his mouth parted. I stifle a laugh at his light snoring. He looks so peaceful when he's not awake, like there's no smirk, no comments, nothing. Just a peaceful Danial.

I make my way to the kitchen and grab a glass from the cabinet. After drowning the water, I stride back in the lounge. Danial's wallet catches my attention.

He would have a drivers license. Maybe I should check his real name. No! Yes! No! Yes! No!


I quietly empty the contents of his wallet, but there's probably everything except for a license.

With a frustrated groan, I go back in my room.
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