Savannah’s Pov.

Collage is fun and challenging, but not as easy as it seems to be. Especially when you go to Oxford University.

“Are you ready?” 

My bestfriend Serena said leaning against my room’s doorframe.

“Just a second. I’ll wear my shoes”

I told her and went over to get my vans. I was wearing a white shirt with an owl on it, purple high waist skinny jeans and white vans []


I told her as I finished tying my shoelace. Serena was wearing a black lace top, purple skinny jeans and navy blue TOMS. []

I put my phone in my pocket and got my books. No we are not going to university. We are going to study in Starbucks for an upcoming test.

We were both interested in law, but I was studying Corporate Law while Serena was studying Criminal Law.

We made our way to Starbucks and ordered our usual. I had a Caramel Frappuccino, and Serena had a Vanilla Frappuccino.

There was this really big table and it was the only one empty. It was only the two of us but we had no other choice. I sat across of Serena and we opened our books. I saw a few familiar faces that I see around University either studying or on their laptops while having coffee.

“Do you mind if we sat here?”

I heard an unfamiliar voice say. I looked up and saw a guy with brown straight hair and green eyes. He had seven other people with him.

“Uhhh, sure go ahead. It’s fine”

I smiled and he smiled back.

They all sat down but there was space between them and us. You could tell that we didn’t know each other by just passing by.

“Are you studying?”

A guy with really curly dark hair and green eyes asked.


Serena replied.

“What University?” A girl with curly hair hair asked.



The guy who asked if they can sit next to us said.

“By the way, I’m Louis”

He smiled.


Another one said.


The curl haired one said with a breathtaking smile.


The blonde one said.


Wait. Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam. Those are One Direction! I wasn’t much of a fan, like I just heard their songs a few times because Serena was playing them or they were on the radio.

“I’m Perrie”

The blonde girl said.


The curly haired girl said.


A girl with wavy brown hair smiled.

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