♡Love At First Call|Part Two♡

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You sighed as you stood at the counter, watching a customer look at the different medications that were on display. Since you worked as a pharmacist, sights like the aforementioned, were normal.

You stood there, fiddling with your fingers as the customer, who was a female, continued to study the different varieties of medicine.

"Do you have any...strong painkillers?" she turned her head to look at you.

"Uh, aside from the ones we have on the shelf, no," you grinned apologetically at her.

"Oh," she nodded before waving at you and walking out. You let out a sigh, work was extremely boring, and you were the only pharmacist on duty.

After a moment, you saw several people, running past. Since the door, and the windows, were pure glass, you could see everything that was happening outside.

You frowned before you saw masses of people running past. There seemed to be a commotion, and from where - you didn't know. Suddenly, someone ran up to the door - opening and getting inside, quickly closing the door behind them.

The person was a male, and you recognized him immediately.

Michael Jackson.

"Quick!" he held the door closed. "Help me lock this! Please!" he panicked. It took you a moment to run up to him, bolting the door shut before bringing the blinds down.

You could hear the thousands of people screaming outside, knocking at the windows.

Michael set his hands on his hips, looking at you. You, however, were still shocked.

"Hi," he laughed a little.

Hi," you smiled.

He held his hand out.

"I'm Michael," he broke into a chuckle. "But I'm guessing you already knew that," he grimaced slightly.

"I'm (Y/N)," you nodded.

"Well," he shrugged, nodding to the commotion outside. "It seems like we're going to be in here a while,"


Several hours later, you and Michael were seated on the floor, conversing about everything. Despite not knowing each other, the two of you seemed to connect.

The people were still outside, and according to Michael - security would be there in the next hour.

"So...do you have a boyfriend?" he looked at you.

"Uh...no," you shook your head. "But there's this guy I like," you shrugged. "But I barely know him,"

"Oh?" he raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Yeah, it's actually pretty funny how we got to know each other," you grinned. "It was on the phone,"

"So you've never seen him?"

"No," you bit your lip. "But he's a really nice guy,"

"I can relate. There's this girl I've been talking to, on the phone - and we've never met," he laughed. "And I like her a lot,"

"Ooh!" you giggled. "She sounds pretty special!" you wiggled your eyebrows.

"She is," he sighed. "But...she doesn't know who I am,"

"Ouch," you grimaced. "I'm sorry,"

"Don't be," he smiled before the two of you heard a buff, loud voice from outside.

"Michael! We're here for you,"

You both stood up before Michael paid you one last glance.

"Well, thank you, for not letting me get...eaten alive," he let out a small chuckle before shoving his hands into the pockets of his coats. "And...I'll see you around,"

"I'll see you around,"

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