Four: Get to know each other

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"Hey Mills" Finn says running up to me.


"Yeah Mills. Do you like it? Or is there like a sob story behind the nam-" he says quickly.

"No, no sob story. I've just never been called that before" I say shrugging.

"Really?" He asks confused and wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"Yeah, it's always been Millie. Or the occasional Mil-ster."

"Well I will be the official person who calls you Mills" He says as we walk towards his car.

"Ok" I say biting my lip trying to stop my smile from widening to much.

"So I know I'm meant to take you home" he says grabbing my waist and flipping me around and sitting me on top of his car, which is a Mercedes Benz may I add, so he's standing in between my legs with his hands on my hips and my arms around automatically wrap around his neck. "But do wanna maybe go to my house?"

Ignore the butterflies Millie, ignore them.


"Well maybe we could talk about this whole fake dating thing and get to know each other more?" Finn says in a questioning tone.

"Oh yeah. Good idea"

"You ok?" Finn asks.

"Yeah. I'm just a little shooken up over lunch. I didn't expect Jacobs new girlfriend to be so nice." I say starting to subconsciously play with the end of Finns hair.

"Well she is nice, but didn't you hear her say? She's not dating him, he was just using her as a good fuck" he says running his thumbs up and down my hips.

"When did she say that?" I ask trying to remember when she said that.

"Oh, um actually we had the next period together so she just told me there. She isn't the biggest fan of him" He says.


"Yeah" he drags out throwing me a little smile, making me smile.

"Well should we get going?" I ask movie forward a little, getting ready to get off the car.

"Hmm" he hums yes in response and surprising me with a quick peck on the lips.

I sit there surprised before I look back and see Jacob getting into his car with an eye roll and scowl on his face.

"Coming gorgeous?" Finn asks tapping my thigh and I feel my heart beat quicken and my face blush.

"Y-yeah" I breathe out.


"Wow this is really nice" I say walking into Finns house and looking at the gorgeous design of the house, well more like mansion,

The players rich, what a fucking cliche. I think to myself and roll my eyes.

"Do you want something to drink or eat?" Finn asks and I turn my head to see him walking towards another part of the house.

I follow behind him. "Can I please have some water and whatever you have to eat I'll have"

"Okayyy" he says walking into the kitchen that is the actual size of my room and my parents room together.

"Wow this place is gorgeous" I say speaking my thoughts.

"Yeah it's clean right now though; the cleaners come every Monday" Finn says.

I don't reply and just smile at him watching him as he pours water and gives it to me. He then goes back to the fridge and takes out two apples before getting a knife and beginning to chop them up.

It then that I really start to appreciate how attractive he his. The way his curly hair falls over his face and how defined his jawline and facial features are. The way his arm muscles tense every time he cuts an apple. And how tall he is against the counter.

I put the water he gave me on the counter and push myself up on it. Even though there are bar stool on the other side, I still sit on the counter.

"So Mills lets play twenty questions" Finn says bringing me out of my daze of checking him out.

"Ok, I'll go first. What's your favourite colour?"

"Blue, you?"

"Yellow. Ok how many siblings do you have?"

"One older brother in college, but my step mother is pregnant right now. What's your favourite subject in school?" He says.

"Music and Drama. Are your parents divorced?"

"No. My mum passed away" Finn says and I instantly feel bad.

"I'm so sorry!" I say putting my hands up to my mouth.

"No it's fine. Over the years it's gotten easier and I've learnt to accept it." He says shrugging and smiling at me and I feel like I can physically feel my heart warm up.

"That's good" I say smiling at him.

"So how many siblings do you have?" He asks.

"Three. The oldest Paige is just out of college and is a journalist working in New York. My brother Charlie is in his second year of college studying law at Harvard and my younger sister Ava is five and learning how to count to twenty." I say.

"Wow I wish I had more siblings"

"Yeah we are all pretty close" I say smiling. "What's your favourite sport?"

"Football, basketball and boxing."

"You box?"


"So do I! Where do you box?" I ask.

"LA Kickboxing Studio"

"Same! My dad actually owns it"


"Yeah I love boxing, helps me release anger" I say in a joking way.

"Damn, that's hot" he say muttering whilst putting the cut up apples into a bowl.

I feel my self blush and a small smile being placed on my face.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" Finn asks, getting a bag of salt and vinegar chips and m and m's.

"Sure" I say jumping of the counter.

Just a short filler chapter!
Hope you enjoyed xoxox
P.s. Get ready for more info on the whole Lilia situation next chapter hehe.

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