Secret Love

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He shook his head no, putting it on my neck and shoulder.

"The hell with that dumbass idea. As long as I keep seeing her, you'll be fine, (Y/N). I'm not letting those dumbass's take you away from me."

I wrapped my arms around him, allowing tears to fall on top of his head as I felt some tears fall on my collarbone.

"I.. I like you." I whispered to him.

"I like you most." He said without any hesitation.

* An Hour Later *

My face was buried in Eric's bare, warm chest. His arms were wrapped around me, tightly, and our legs were tangled.

"Don't think that your confession fixed anything." I whispered, not wanting to break the silence, but wanting to get that off my chest.

"Don't think.. I can stop seeing Jean." He whispered back, starting to pet my hair.

"No sex?"

"None. All we do is just talk.. dirty." He whispered.

I felt his body shake at the words. I somewhat giggled at his actions to his words.

"There's that giggle." I could hear the smirk in his voice.



"What are we now?"

He kept quiet at that

"No fuck buddies."

"Never. I want to be more with you."

I kept quiet at that. We were both silent at my question, not yet, knowing how to speak.

"Do you love me or do you love her?"

"You, but I have to love her to keep you safe.."

"Is it true love with her?"

"With her, never."

"Then, you don't love her."

The grip on my hair tightened just a bit. I winced. He noticed this and slowly let go of my hair.

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine." I whispered, scooting closer to him.

"This is just so damn confusing and frustrating."

I nodded in agreement.

"How about this.. You still see her and stuff, but when you're alone, I'll come to you." I suggested.

He nodded. I could tell by the way that he moved closer to me, that he wasn't so sure of my plan.

"Does she take any of your shirts?"

"(Y/N), I told you this, she's not my girlfriend. No one is allowed to even look at my shirts in the dresser drawer without being my girlfriend."

"Am.. Am I your girlfriend?"

"My.. Secret girlfriend."

I nodded, "Can I have your secret shirts?"

For a moment, I could feel the laughter against his chest as it rallied up in it. Slowly, it died down.

"Of course, you can have all my shirts, in secrecy."

I nodded, I let out one of my (newly) rare giggles.

"I love to hear that." He whispered against my ear.

"Lets get some rest."

I could tell that he nodded by the way that his chin came in contact with the top of my head twice, then finally settled down on top if it.

"Goodnight, Brat."

"Goodnight, Eric."

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