The Truth

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"Wrong choice, bitch!" Leo's voice got louder, then he pushed me onto the bed.

"You're mine! I gave you my mark! You're fucking mine and no one else will ever touch you! You stupid whore!"

Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation against my lips that sent fireworks, no, blazing fire to my heart. The places outside from my head, felt warm. The top part of my body felt like it was on fire. I shot my eyes open to see Eric's closed, squished eyes above my own. I pushed him back, pushing my back against the railing of the bed.

I pulled the covers up to my chest, gripping them. Then, I remembered my mask. I looked to the side and found it not there, but I kept my head down.


"Why what?"

"Why did you kiss me just now?"

"You wouldn't stop tossing and turning. You kept mumbled words that I couldn't understand. Before that, I tried to wake you up by shaking you, but you kept getting louder. I didn't want to wake the rest with your screaming, so.. I shut your mouth."

"With your own?"


My clear face burned with a fiery passion of red. He-Why-God, I hate him!

"Don't.. Don't ever do that again."

"What if I want to?"

"Stop acting like you care.. just call me a monster, get it over with." I whispered the last part.

"What?" He asked for a repeat.

I looked back up at him, feeling the moon's rays came against my forgotten eye.

"Call me a monster, already, and get on with your life!" I shouted, not caring if anyone heard.

My emotions took over me and they took over all of me.

"Lower your damn voice, (Y/N). Now, what are you talking about?" He asked, getting on all fours.

He crawled towards me till he was hovering above my legs. I pulled the cover closer to my chest, putting my hand into his face.

"I know the first day I woke up in the hospital, you wanted to call me a monster when they took off the bandages. You pitied me so much.. You were so disgusted, Eric." I whispered, letting my mind take over my mouth.


"Let me finish, Eric." I lowered my hand, allowing him to straddle my hips while I looked down onto the floor.

"Is the real reason why you avoided me for four years was because you didn't want to be caught dead with my ugly face? Is it because you couldn't stand being with someone who didn't even have feeling in their right face? Or is it because you were so embarrassed to be the one person who cared about a monster?"

I felt tears in the brim of my left eye.

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