Watch Your Step Around These Words

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My ass is so freaking cold. I don't understand how Peter is just so warm over there. I must admit, though, a couple times I thought about going over to him before I passed out.

"You either go willingly or I pick you up."

Quietly, I let out a silent groan so I wouldn't wake Peter. Then, I, slowly, got up from the wooden chair. I walked up the stairs, passing Eric on the way there. He felt so warm. How do males keep so fudging warm? Honestly, I could cuddle with him right now, fuck Jean. I shook my head at the thought.

No. They're together. They love each other. I sighed, looking down at my feet as they went to a pattern, climbing the stairs.

"You can take your mask off when we get to the room."

I nodded, not caring if he saw that I responded. Like Hell, I'm taking off this mask. We continued all the way up the stairs in silence. When we got to the second part of the cabin, I went to the left. I opened up the first bedroom that I saw. My bag. I turned back around with my hand still on the knob to see Eric with my backpack.

"For a leader, you're very forgetful." He commented.

I rolled my eyes, grabbing the backpack's free strap. I tugged it away from the much stronger male. He allowed me to take it from him. I shrugged it onto my shoulder, pushing the door all the way open this time. I walked in, leaving the door opened for him.

"There's some extra covers in the closet. Do you want the floor or do you want the bed?" He asked, shutting the door.

I walked over to the bed, laying my bag down.

"Doesn't matter."

"You take the bed."

I nodded, taking off my boots then my socks.

"Do you need to change?" He asked with concern in his voice for once.

He was digging around in the closet for the extra covers.


"Then do it while my back is turned." He stated, bringing back his smart-mouth.

While his back was turned, I quickly changed into my large, boyfriend T-shirt. These things are super comfy, even if you don't have a boyfriend. Who needs one anyways? Eric turned back around with covers in his hands. I bent down to put the dirty clothes into my backpack.

"That's very suspicious."

I looked over at him, tilting my head.

"You brought one of your sleeping shirts."

Under the mask, I felt the left side of my face do something that hadn't done in four years; It blushed. Thank God for a mask.

I shrugged, "In case this happened or my shirt before ripped."

"Still suspicious."

"Listen," I said with sass, "If I wanted to lock everyone up in a cabin and kill them, I would've let you kill half of them in training."

"Watch your mouth, (Y/N)."

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