Chair Sleep

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I looked over at Peter who was all over the old couch.

"Initiate, let your leader on the couch." Eric said, getting in front of the old, brown coffee table.

Peter groaned, but started to get up until I clapped my hands. With Eric's eyes and one of Peter's they both watched me shake my head.

"(Y/N), sleep on the couch." Four said, on Eric's side.

I shook my head, motioning for Peter to roll back over. He didn't even disobey me for once. He rolled back over, his snores immediately filling the room.

"Just come into my room when you get tired." Four offered me.

I nodded, knowing two things: They would rather be cuddling with each other in private and two, I wasn't getting off of this chair. Peter would be the first to go if the Factionless tried to pull something. I'm not losing an initiate when Jean ordered us to do something. Four walked up the stairs, but Eric stayed.

"You should've took the couch." Was all he said before following Four up the stairs.

I shrugged even though he couldn't see it. I stared out the missing window as it blew the curtains above Peter's sleeping form. I snuggled into the chair, starting to get a little cold. God, I kind of picked the wrong day to wear shorts, huh? I took a deep breath before leaning my head against the back of the chair.

* An Hour Later *

* 11:37 P.M. *

I shot my head up at the feeling of someone near me. I turned around to see Eric leaning against the door.

"I honestly thought you'd be in the bedroom with Four and Tris." He said, crossing his arms over his scarred up chest. Eh, even he has scars, but.. not as much as I do.

I shrugged, "They're cute together."


"I don't want to ruin something for Four."

"You need rest."

"I was resting till you came along."


"Why do you care so much, Eric?" I turned around to look at him fully.

He was only in sweatpants. I took a deep breath, trying to contain myself. Damn, he looked hot. Like, fucking A+ hot. Mentally, I slapped myself across the face. Enough.

"Because you're the second toughest leader that we have. I don't need you to be sore and grouchy in the morning."

"Again, why do you care so damn much? You haven't talked to me in four damn years. Why not? I'd be sure that you'd got Jean pregnant by now."

"We. Aren't. Dating."

"Ya sure? You act like it."

"Screw you."

"Like you said, 'Maybe if you ask nicely.'"

"Get your ass in my room."

"I'm good. This chair is quite comfy."

I want to go up in the room and get warm.

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