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Then, his presence was behind me, holding my hair.

"What happened?" He asked, when I stopped the gagging.

I pulled the mask over my head, looking over at him. He was reaching for the doorknob, but I got in front of it, putting my hand over his. I shook my head, signalling that he wouldn't want to do that.

"Bodies.. everywhere." I whispered, slowly letting go of his hand.

He nodded, understanding, "I'm going to finish up my side. Hurry up before Four passes out."

I nodded at his orders, watching him slowly walk away from the horrid door. When he was gone, I walked over to the last bedroom. Putting my hand on the silver knob, I pushed it open, staring at what was inside. Nothing. Just a bedroom with a closet. I reached my hand inside, looking for the switch.

Once that was done, I turned on the lights. I walked in fully, looking around the room. Soon, I walked over to the closet. I pulled the twin doors opened at the same time. No one and nothing. Just the scent of old, moled-y cabin. I looked around the closet, making sure there wasn't any hiding spots.

The only thing that wasn't hiding was the dust that blew around against the new air.

"Everything good?" Eric asked from the door frame.

I turned around with my hands still on the doorknobs. I nodded his way, not saying a word to him. He nodded back at me, moving away from the door. Again, I followed him down the stairs, out the door, and to the rest. Everyone was on the porch, either asleep or staring out into the abyss of the woods.

Four had his arms crossed over his chest, watching the path that we had came from.

"Clear." Eric said once we reached the door frame.

Four looked back at us then looked at the sleeping initiates.

"How are we going to sleep?"

"Three bedrooms and one living room." I informed him.

He nodded, "Initiates don't need to be by their selves."

"But Peter will be just fine. He's got sass and high reflexes." I interrupted

Four looked a little unsure of my words, but nevertheless, took note of them.

"Tris and I will sleep together, Eric and you will stay in the same room with each other, Christina and Will will stay in the opposite room." He divided us up.

"I'll stay with Peter until I decided he's had enough sleep." I offered.

Four nodded, "Don't push yourself."

I took note of his words, also. After the discussion, we started to wake up the initiates. When everyone was awaken, we got settled into our rooms. Four and Tris was in the Master bedroom (To Eric's dismay), Eric had to take a Kid's bedroom, Christina and Will took the fourth bedroom, and Peter and I stayed in the living room.

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