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"Sorry." I whispered, looking away from his eyes.

"Why didn't you listen to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I told you to stay back."

"You're tired, I'm tired, all of us are tired, (Y/N), but you don't need to come in here alone."

I shrugged, remembering how we were positioned. I looked up at my wrist above my head, leaning my head against the wall.

"I could really bite your neck right now." Eric muttered.

I looked back down at him, "What?"

"Nothing." He mumbled, letting go of my wrist.

I let my arms fall back down to my body.

"Is it clear?" Four's voice was heard from the door frame.

I looked up at the stairs, then at Four.

"Yeah." I said.

The feeling of someone watch us was gone. Wait.. I turned to look at where the girl that I had made suffer was at. Nothing was there only a blood streak. I reached for Eric's shirt, pulling at it to grab his attention. He looked at me then where I was looking.

"Someone is here."

I nodded in agreement with his statement.

"Four go outside and stay with the initiates. We aren't alone." Eric ordered him.

Quickly, Four ran back to the initiates, more like to Tris. Eric turned around to look up at the stairs.

"I thought you checked this place." He said.

I shrugged at his words. I forgot to. Slowly, with his knife in hand, he made his way up the stairs with me behind him, hands in pocket. When we got to the very top, he looked both ways. Then, looked down at me who was on the second to the last step.

"I'll go left, you go right." He whispered the plan.

I nodded, going right when he was out of my way. There were three rooms my way. I turned a right, facing the hard, wooden door. On the other side I could hear Eric opening up a door without hesitation. I put my hand on the golden knob, easing the door opened. Then, I pushed it open.

Praying that the light still worked, I flicked it on. Someone must be proud of me. I looked around the small bathroom when the lights flickered on. This cabin surprisingly has power. I walked over to the shower, opening up the weird-feeling curtains. What is this stuff made out of? Anyway, I looked in the tub, seeing nothing and no one.

When that task was over with, I walked out of the bathroom, turning the lights off. I walked across the room to the door that was a little bit away from the bathroom door. Without even thinking, I opened up the door. A tsunami of a horrid scent came to my nose behind the mask. I gagged, slamming the door shut, bending down.

I lifted my mask over my head a bit so I wouldn't get puke on it if I did.

"(Y/N)?" I heard Eric's voice.

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