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"No Afaf red and crimson are almost the same let's make this work let's say something like black and silver now that's a win win" I said with a smile.

Since Muhammad proposed to Afaf about 2 months ago well let's say he wanted to make her his as soon as possible which was so romantic so here I am the chief brides maid yes I am Afafs chief bridesmaid  deciding the theme.

"Zeera habibti you are not the bride let Afaf decide" my mom scolded

"Mami I am the chief bridesmaid I most interfere this is my Afafys big day" I said proudly

"Well I am the chief bridesmaid's mother so I say leave Afaf to decide" she said as I  frowned and looked over at Afaf who sat there in silence.

"What do you want Afaf" I asked

"Well I was thing turquoise and white" she said

"Omg Afaf how could you" I sad shocked at her brilliance

"I mean we can change it is just......." I cut her off

"O never turquoise and white are the best thing I have heard since nutella and pancakes" u said beaming at her

"So now that the dress colour has been chosen when is the dress fitting" I asked and the door bell rang.

"I'll say now" she said jumping up and heading to the door were her and Muhammad met eyes and just stared at each other.

"How is your day going" she asked

"Amazing since I saw you" he said and I'm sure if you took a tomato you won't know which is which from Afafs face then she looked down.

"Don't look down if you do i won't see your beautiful face" he said God Muhammad is just perfect.

"Okay break it up move aside wait for the honeymoon then get a room" I said making Afaf blush.

"Typical zeera always have your minds a the sewer" Muhammad said

"Typical Muhammad always acting like a Romeo and won't wait until she is yours before you sweep her off her feet " I said back.

"And I'm here" a voice that annoyed me spoke.

"And the devil has arrived" I said while Mustapha made his way through the door.

Oh I haven't introduced him Mustapha ibn sultan ibn zakariyya ibn Abubakar AKA his royal highness (drum roll) of jerkville# I can imagine your faces you thought he was the prince# Well Mustapha is also a knight and he happens to be Muhammads friend and also the groom's.

Well we were currently going for the dress fitting we got into Muhammads black BMW I had the unfortunate destiny to sit in front with Mustapha while Afaf and Muhammad where at the back sit whispering what ever they were talking about.

I plugged my phone into the car system and started playing 'no brainer'.

"Baby is a no brainer" I sang along and just as I was about to reach my solo point then the music stopped I looked over to see that Mustapha took his filthy hand to disconnect my phone from the car system.

"How could you I was about to hit my solo point" I practically yelled

"And about to break the window" he said back

"Well I think I will listen to it alone" I scoffed.

"You just made a mistake" Afaf squeaked from the back.

"Please let her do her worst" Mustapha said you don't know me Musty.

"I take that as a dare" I said

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